Thursday, January 16, 2020

Don't Worry, You Don't Have to Care

It really doesn't matter if you do or don't, even though some days I beg for it, a scrap of attention, a little love, endless devotion, you know, even though some days it may seem like I am self-destructing in the hope that someone might care to intervene, save me, you know, in the end, I'll do as I please. The independence returns with the wind, like an answer, blowing all the pretentious self-pathetic fears and doubt away. If I am lucky, I'll keep it up for another few decades, or centuries. Never give up, never surrender. Be strong.

The yogurts and protein drinks are old and taste like it, but if I don't get sick tonight, I have enough to return to the sub-500 calorie days for a while. They are just old enough to turn off my appetite. Call it the little stomach ache diet. Hey, it's better than the laxative diet. Softball Monday, softball Tuesday, on the feet with much walking for 8 hours Wednesday (enough to be a bit stiff this morning), and more softball Thursday. Thump Day, thump thump.

Narf :)