Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Softball Drama, Emo-Eating, and The Disappointing Doctor

In a moment. Imagine time all happened at once. You can't kill memories. The first post-Clara speech rocked (see below), but I still miss Clara. Reality is worse, but at least no one I know really died today. I indulged my emo-food monster tonight (you know where to look). Did not play softball, just watched. Two games, no playing time. I managed/coached the first game and we won. One person was disgruntled, talked her husband into coming to my office to ask me for a really big favor, to let him take over the team. Not wanting drama, I said ok, but I didn't think that would shut me out completely. He played his wife at first base and she didn't catch a ball, then moved her to right field and a single became a home run, she played the entire game while others sat on the bench (beside me). He pitched and gave up five runs in one inning after the first pitcher only gave up four all game. Control freak wifeweak husband with a big ego, neither with a clue about managing a softball team. Did I mention we lost? I expected this team to lose a lot, but at least put people in the positions they will do best. The fastest runner and very good hitter who I said was my lead-off last week and everyone cheered was batted ninth. He hit a double and a triple and didn't score. I grew more and more silent as the innings moved along because I do not want to complain or cause drama or conflict, but this is a waste of my time. Not connecting with this team at all. And I still miss Clara.