Saturday, November 17, 2018

Vacation Eating

Tonight, much less emo, much more enjoying a night away from the cesspool and filling the belly with a variety of favorites tat I'll list in the food blog. Yum. The belly is as bloated as it's been in many weeks, many longer, but I am maintaining the weight loss so I am ok with a pig out like this now and then. I am pet sitting for Jackson and Brandi and the four legged kids are the same, except older. The aging is noticeable, alas, as one pisses red urine and the other two have trouble walking, one can't jump on on anything anymore. Getting old is not easy for anyone. All is wonderful except for a rather aggressive mosquito that got in when he door was open. I had to open the porch screen door to let the two outdoor cats come get food on the porch because only one will come inside when I am here. We compromise, mosquito gains ground, but I've not been bitten yet. Watching college football as the local team, UCF, is still undefeated and plays their toughest opponent of the season tonight. That's where Jackson, Brandy, and Jackson's family are today and tonight. We're all having fun in our own ways.

Did I mention three decadent desserts?

Narf lol :)