Saturday, November 16, 2019

Surprise, Again

Two days ago TA said he was glad the kids were not here this week because both have colds. he little one is here now, looking sick, the poor baby. My immune system kicked up during the week when they were both here for a night, so hopefully I won't get sick too. It's a continuous battle, being alive and not letting germs or viruses take hold in the body. Kids share more close proximity than most adults, so often kids get more colds. She seems to get a hard coughing cold a few times a year. They usually bounce back better than most older adults as age weakens everything in the body, but I wouldn't want to be in a life without kids around at least sometimes.

I woke up rested and bubbly, which is why I a writing and not brooding, and this bit of babble has be bubbling again. I intend to withdraw into my world and write more and finish laundry. Nothing else planned. Tomorrow, softball and then the end of season party. At work, haven't gotten out to the parks and inspections in several weeks, at least, because of major projects that are being delayed due to poor planning, poor management, and poor oversight. If I was in charge, we'd be replacing at least one high level manager and we'd be looking for other contractors. So my boss has me doing more project management work to get the project back on track. Not my job, not his job, but those hired to do it are not doing it, so we are doing it.

So welcome to Saturday. Surprise and Happy Belated Birthday to Barb and Ray.

Celebrate life every day!

Narf :)