Monday, September 17, 2018

So Much Laundry, So Little Attention Span

Yes, see, if I remembered to move the wash into the dryer when the wash was done, or even if I remembered to put the was in once the tub filled with water, laundry day would not drag on into the wee hours of the night like this, but here we are. I just folded last items and the bed has clean bedding and I could have caught up on this and other bogs between washes but instead, all I did was watch football, cook a little, east a little, check email, and clean the room. Three boxes were emptied and two bags of trash were filled, along with a bin of shredder material. I skipped the Sunday softball because my team had a bye and nobody told me anything about the ratings so I am accepting the silent dismissal and handing in my silent resignation. Once t was the most organized and biggest league in town, Now it is a mess and not fun anymore.

So my time was used wisely and I feel very good about all I accomplished and I enjoyed watching football and dreaming. The roommate site messages I sent last night produced a message from a customer service person on the site and from an actual person looking to share living space. I was beginning to think the profiles were 99% fake and I was simply not right for the 1%. So I wrote a typically long and revealing response (somewhere, out there... four blog posts were inspired).

Hope you enjoyed your day (and evening and night) too.

Wish you were here. :)

Narf :)