Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brie is Not Just Cheese

Just cuz I fell in love again, however fleeting it might have been, because I saw a movie I loved (or another I couldn't put down. acting impressed, but the mind, especially in

I suppose we should credit the writer, especially if it was an original idea (though such a fantasy has been done before), but then, may what is off about the film has something to do with her origins, I mean, Texas has a very redneck backwards thinking reputation, after all (oh, there I go offending millions, but how many school books have you edited for religion or narrow minds and banned outright, aye Texas?), but that is not what I see in the actress. We can all have our opinions and our opinions say a lot more about us than about whatever we are judging or commenting on, but enjoying something does not mean it is perfect and seeking perfection is a fool's errand. Of course we all have the right to be fools, as we wish.

So I love the cheese, but so much more. :)

Narf :)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Good Roommate

I think I actually found a good roommate who is willing to share space. I've been living in someone else's space for so long, I accepted whatever they gave and it wasn't much. But as you may have noticed from the previous blogs, this was to be a different living situation. We talked about sharing, and how we'd split the house, and I felt great about that. It's just taken my asking each step of the way (garage, my room, my closet, kitchen cabinets, the living room, and so on) and I've gotten really bad at asking and really good at accepting less than agreed to. It's gotten much closer to what we agreed to over this weekend after a very good talk.

Yay for honesty and trust. I've got to remember that.

Narf :)

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Good Talk

More to follow, but I can b such a sad paranoid idiot sometimes. Years of betrayals and usery by so many have me not only not trusting, but not communicating. The blogs keep me balanced, but solutions with others are outside of my head (and blogs). I talked with TA and he understands. Positive changes are coming. More later, in details, and/or as they occur.

Friday, March 1, 2019

No Privacy

Oh wel, it was a couple of days of feeling like I had my own space. but it's his house, his living rooms, his TVs, and there's no room for mine. No boundaries, no privacy, it runs in the family. Obviously the details will be venting tonight. Meanwhile, I sat way too much today after the first four hours at work. Working an 11 hour day, that's a lot of sitting. The pain is not as bad as it has been. but the menthol anesthetic is disguising it, so I may be giving myself cancer or some sort of death. He wanted food, I don't, I must not eat, I must give my bowels rest. He went out for Chinese, ouch.

I should go to bed early.