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Updated 3/28/17. If you care to read along as I write, you will find some of the people who share this life as I know it mentioned. As far as I know, no one in my offline life reads here at the moment. Still, to give anyone reading (yes you) some background and perhaps add a little depth to this blog, this entry is intended to introduce the people. I use pseudonyms in this blog as a default respect for privacy. For now, I will add the people as I mention them (remind me if I forget). I will return to continue these mini-portraits (especially if any of the people mentioned start reading this blog and have something to add, subtract, or otherwise share) and may reorganize or edit or something if and as the muses inspire.

People mentioned more often...

Eb (current roommate) is a lot like me in some ways, good and not so good. I found him on a roommate site when I looked for a temporary room closer to my new job. The location is 6 block from the job, but the neighborhood is high crime with a drug house across the street and the place isn't big enough for me to move into, but he's a good guy to know and I am lucky to have found him.

Farmboy is a new prospective roommate. Yes, there is the film reference. If we find a lace and move in together, I'll probably write more about him.

Boss is the new boss at work A really nice guy and I think I am very lucky to have found this position with the people in this place.

Mickey is one of Boss's assistants and she's fun. She's been in the department for ten years, so she knows a lot.

Rosie is the boss's other assistant and she's only been there a couple of months longer than me. She's helpful and is my assistant sometimes when I need something.

Michael is a friend, though not close, who gave me a job late last year and I still work part time as a business consultant managing his data and marketing.

The Maharaja (former roommate) is a a great friend and one of those people that makes you wonder how he got to be so peaceful, kind, generous, and balanced. He opened his home to me when savings reached a critical point and I had to choose between the car or rent. He accepts life as it is and has an endless curiosity to learn more about both. He a math wiz and enjoys working on 3D printing projects, coordinating and improving a local 3D printing co-op these days where he spends most of his time when he is not doing private tutoring.I am blessed (by the universe) to have stumbled upon you in this life.

Jackson (former roommate) is my closest family (I adopted her, I have no biological family). We lived together for about seven years. Then she fell in love (YAY!) and moved out and drifted away (ouch). This blog began the week of our parting as roommates. Our fingers remain crossed that she and her new life partner spend eternity together in love. We share a love for softball, though love and bowling have become her favorite pastimes (love should for all of us when we find the right partner). She has a heart of gold and hurts when others hurt (sometimes more than they do or deserve). Whatever I might write about her in the heat of a moment, this life and my heart would be missing a huge positive part of me if she was not in it. Hey little sister, love you. Even when you don't want to be family.

Helena (sometimes Helen) is one of my closest friends who's known me longer than almost anyone else who lives nearby and is part of my current offline life. We share a love for food and have explored many buffets over the years. She enjoys going on vacations alone as has been to many fun places. I sometimes house and pet sit for her when she goes on vacations. She is one of the most completely independent people I know and I am honored that she trusts me with some of the most important things in this life.

J is a dear soul and friend met online through blogging many years ago. She is mostly silent online these days and I wish she'd write and share her art and creativity more. She leaves a comment now and then to remind me that I am not really as alone as I sometimes feel in my blog world and I appreciate her for her that more than words can say. She is one of the most positive people I know in this crazy mixed up world. I miss her when she is silent but I sense her presence most of the time. We email regularly and lately, she is the only one sharing the daily ups and downs and spinning around of life these days. I am not alone in this world because she responds. Thank you for being, J.

Jane is a friend of almost a decade who should be closer but we live almost an hour apart. She'd be a good influence on me as she is a runner and fit and attractive and would likely motivate me to run and take this body and the physical life more seriously. We get together for dinner and outdoor festivals and the occasional 5K. She has been on my phone plan for many years which helps us save some money.

Harpo is one of my closest friends. He used to call me god at parties which was strangely amusing. Ego sometimes misses it even though it was occasionally awkward. He's organized a Monday Night Wallyball group for about eight years and I've never been because I've played softball on Monday nights about as long. He loves to make people happy and enjoys serving his guests food and drink whenever he has people over (he used to make game night parties quite frequently and did professional catering between film-making gigs in his past).

Curly was one of my closest friends. We play cards at his house most Tuesday evenings and as this blog began I was moving into one of his empty apartments (he manages a few dozen properties that he and his family own, though I've since moved out and we've drifted apart). He was a blessing in time of need and can be a heck of a lot of fun\. Besides cards, we share a love of barbecued food and sometimes enjoy the silliness of life.

Excel is a sweet person and friend. She (and her dad) make dinner at their place as we play Bridge there most Thursdays. She is also one of the Tuesday night card players at Curly's place. She has a daughter and a grown son and they all share a big apartment.

Commodore is Excel's dad and a friend. We share a love for games and a very similar perspective on life and fun, nurturing the inner child. Besides Bridge, we play other games Thursdays before or after bridge, sometimes with his granddaughter. He is also one of the Tuesday night card players at Curly's place.

People mentioned less often...

Brandi is Jackson's life partner. I am not in their immediate circle of friends. She makes Jackson happy which makes me happy. Neither of them has much time because they work a lot and they need their coupling time to continue to develop their relationship and find/create their own life together. She is the best thing that's ever happened to Jackson so I love her and will give them anything they need which, for now, is space.

Lonewolf is a friend for almost a decade who married Venisa and we get together now and then. He's fun and we share a similar perspective on life (closer than most people I know). They have an "orphan holiday party" for a great group of people/friends who don't have big family gatherings to go to on 12/24 each year and I've been most years.

Venisa is a friend for a little longer than Lonewolf (did I introduce them?) and she's fun and we too share a similar perspective on life. The "orphan holiday party" was her idea and it is a nightI look forward to because I enjoy the company and the food.

Tinman is a friend who plays cards and games in the Harpo game group. He helped move Jackson and I when we moved into our last apartment and I helped him move his last few moves. We painted his new house this year.

Sarducci is a friend who plays cards and games in the Harpo game group. He helped with one of our moves too, as I recall. We get together from time to time at his place or his girlfriend's place for parties or other fun.

Glinda is Sarducci's girlfriend. She's a sweetheart.

Elton is one of the Tuesday night card players at Curly's place. He also plays softball on Sundays in the same league I play in, though he plays for another team.

Knobby is one of the Tuesday night card players at Curly's place.

Farmer is Harpo's mom.

Momma is Curly's mom.

Z0tl is a friend with a tender heart (that he hides too well) met through blogging many years ago. He knows and has met J offline. He is silent online these days and I wish he would write more. He leaves a comment now and then to remind me that I am not really as alone as I sometimes feel in my blog world and I appreciate him for that more than words can say. We met offline and enjoyed our time together. He moved far away (out of the country) and I miss him.

Precious is Rasputin's daughter and kind of my adopted daughter too. We lived together about six or seven years until he moved out of state and she started college and moved in with friends and I lived alone for a year before Jackson moved in. She's a sweetheart and will always be family. She is on my phone plan and I've paid for her phone for the last ten years or so but got a better job and will start paying her way which will help us make time to see each other more often.

Rasputin is a friend who was a roommate for about six or seven years. He moved in with me after my first roommate moved out of town back in 2002 or 2003 or so. His daughter Precious moved in with us early on and we were living together during the 2004 Hurricanes when we had to move to a new apartment because the one we were in was uninhabitable. He moved out of state to live with his brother and was on my phone plan until last year.

Coach is the Sunday team coach who is amazingly busy in real estate, politics, and softball (and probably more). He was elected Commissioner of our league, is the Vice President of the County Disability Caucus, and is a full time Realtor. He's also a cancer survivor which might be one of the things that drive him to stay as positive and productive as possible. Though sometimes too busy to pay attention to our game on the field (a-hem), he is a great guy, a friend, and a big teddy bear.

Siskel is a softball friend who shared a hotel during last year's world series. We share interests in dining (fine and sloppy), movies (he is a local film critic and if I could afford to and had the time, would be a regular movie partner), music (he travels all over for concerts), and we share perspectives in many areas.

Dwight is kind of Michael's assistant. Have you seen The Office (shhhh, lol).

I realized in keeping this page up to date that it is a record of how relationships change over time (if I keep the previous versions somewhere). That can be very sad when people drift away or change to be less friendly (or mean, even) and can be quite joyous when people care more and new relationships are born. If I was keeping a page like this for all of my blogs over the years, it would be a revealing history of my relationships in this life. Someday I might put the past About The People pages together, but I just started this in 2016 so there's not a whole lot of comparative analysis or whatever I might do to myself by putting a time line on this sort of thing. Are we having fun yet? Well, I'm laughing at myself, even if you're not. Hope you find your fun somewhere too.

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