Friday, September 30, 2016

Quick, What Happened Today?

I was awake all night again after sleeping from about 3pm to 9pm yesterday and spent most of the night browsing Facebook and other online stuff. I fell back to sleep well after sunrise and woke about 4pm, spent more time on Facebook, talked to Jackson for a few minutes, and then showered and headed to softball. Just getting home from softball, I showered again and here we are. See how exciting it can be to update daily?

Sarcasm for the win... Narf. :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Try, Try, Again, Again

What a difference a coma makes. Or an m, for that atter. Matter, even. So ok, like here we are again giving brief daily updates a shot. Maybe it's the nostalgia of watching the first season of Saturday Night Live which, even after 40 years, is as stupid (and we mean that in the most complimentary way) and winsome as ever. Stupid and winsome, that's a lot like life these days. Or Beethovan. What a difference some drugs make, aye? Roll over. So today is Wednesday, you know what that means, we're gonna have a special guest.

No, not really. Nobody visits. Nobody cares. I am perfecting the self-pity song that nobody knows. Songs you never heard. Can I get an amen? Oh course not, but no worries, I didn't really want one.

See why I haven't been here? It is not as if I have actually been gone, after all. The gardens continue to grow, in case it matters. I just don't weed and feed or follow any of the normal protocols and styles or stop the mind from wandering where it will go, ya know?

Brief, to the point, just the facts, listing the events and experiences of the daily life is way too boring for me and that gets depressing so why bother? You want to know? So why don't you ask, huh? huh? huh? Ok, so today I woke up early and sat at the computer a few minutes looking at jobs and fell back to sleep. I headed back to bed because the stomach didn't feel good again (it's been a thing for a while) and a bad dream about finding my car stolen because I made a quick trip to buy something while someone important to me was waiting at a hotel or somewhere and I felt very sad because I had a lot of stuff in the car and I blew an opportunity to spend time with someone very important to me and my heart was crushed and traumatized... woke me up a few hours later.

So I turned on reruns of the first season of SNL and came here.

What a difference a day makes, aye?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eating Healthier

That is happening. Eating healthier. I don't know if I will return here to add more entries in the time-gap between the current entry and the last entry, but there is this one and maybe a few more will pop up as I think about life and what has happened since the last entry which was just a day more than a month ago (too much detail? lol). I need to pretend someone actually wants to know, you see, and I have not felt like pretending lately. That is depressing. So a bit of on again off again depression has been happening too, which brings us back to eating healthier. While I am happy that I am taking living a bit longer more seriously again (though not exercising enough daily), the absence of comfort food does not help improve emotional conditions. That's life, but no worries.

Did you forget? Even I do sometimes lam :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Softball Fail, Fun Night

Well, this weekend was tough again but ended well. Not hearing from the job interview has been stressful. We played at inferior fields and the team didn't show up. We played one player short and once again I had a catcher who could not throw the ball back to me which breaks the pitching rhythm. I decided to let the other team hit and the fielding was mediocre just like last week. We had a couple of players who play poorly and they usually sit on the bench, but not only are they playing every week but we added three more players who are as weak or worse and neither coach wasn't there for the game. It was a mess.

After the game I went out to the sports bar with another team and had dinner and fun playing darts. We hung out late and if I had the funds I would do it more often. I may have to write off this season for Sunday softball because the coach doesn't care and the team doesn't seem to care (I have a lot more fun with other teams after the games), but I will hopefully find income and hang out with the fun after games more.

How's life for you?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Alas, Dear Alice

Alice died. I know I have been away from this brief daily blog (and writing anywhere) a lot recently and I may return to fill in some entries as I sometimes do. I just wanted to note here the loss of a dear friend. Life goes on, one less person to call or text or interact with, but life goes on. I cry, I sigh, and continue.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Team Fail

Sunday softball was a serious fail today. We lost two games to two teams we would have beaten easily last season. We lost some players but worse, everyone played very poorly. I decided it was time to test the team as I usually do early in the season when the opportunity comes up and defense failed miserably and hitting sucked. I hit well, burned an outfielder and made just one out in two games, but not enough. Hopefully this is a wake up call for the coach and the team like it was last year (last year we started 1-2 and finished 14-2). This year we start 1-2 again. Next week should be an easy win unless the same effort shows up.

It did not help that I got news that a dear friend died and I was already having a stressed weekend as I was letting the lack of income and loneliness and health issues get to me. Tomorrow, start again.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Long, Hot, Fun Day

Woke early for opening ceremonies for the Sunday Softball League. A Pulse and 911 tribute with flags and dignitaries, then softball. I took a larger role helping the Ratings Committee set up and then watched games and rated players until our game. We won 25-0 which was a big surprise. I credit the other team's ineffectiveness more than us, they walked at least a dozen of us. After softball I joined another team out at the local sports bar and hung out a while. That's life, have fun.

You? :)