Saturday, October 28, 2017


I've been on the web a long time. Writing, reading, sometimes communicating or at least interacting. I've left comments along the way, sometimes old and new as I am sometimes drawn back to a conversation even if it was just one way, even if it was not mine. All I can do is wave with the hope that somebody might wave back. This is one of the primary purposes in being out here on the web, leaving these words here for you, for anyone, for posterity.

In case it matters.

I write for many reasons, creative play, self-mockery, emo-processing, psych-analysis, distraction therapy, archives for posterity, and more. All that for myself and then, I put some words here for interaction and communication. I include links that are as random as they are meaningful, meaningful in the moment, random in the grand scheme of things. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, more information in more places than anyone can understand. I just keep trying to find a way to put enough pieces together in the hope someone might understand. It is beyond words, yet I try to use words. How else might I reach you?

Open to other ways and perhaps, you will find us there.

For now, we are here.

Narf :)

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