Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Exploring and Working

I went up to the area of the new job to explore the neighborhoods and see where I would want to live and I found out what I already knew by reputation but I had to see it with my own eyes. The areas with under $1000 a month rents are dangerous. The good places are over $1000 for small one bedrooms. Over $1200 for two bedrooms. That will be challenging to get since I am just started a job that qualifies.

I spent the afternoon continuing to organize at Michael's company. They still need a lot of help. I sure can use the money. I'll just have to survive the lack of sleep. Anything's possible.

Narf. :}

Monday, February 27, 2017


I finally got the go ahead to work part time from Michael after I spent about three hours doing work for his company from home this morning. I am not sure how he wants me to send him my hours, but I will send an email documenting my hours at least once a week. I also got permission to use their laptop so I will pick that up tomorrow. I stopped for water on the way to softball and continued my hitting streak going 2 for 2 before the couch decided to bench me because another player showed up late. So what if I have the best batting average of the season and bat last so I hit less than anybody else, whatever. We won. I shopped for food at the supermarket on the way home and made shrimp salad. and a chocolate shake (ice cream was on sale). Watching Family Guy and getting sleepy, I'll go to bed soom because I have a long busy day planned for tomorrow.

Hope your day was fun too :)

Narf :)

Sunday, February 26, 2017


So I watched TV while doing laundry all day, except for when I cooked and ate food. It takes all day to do three loads of laundry here, even without forgetting to move the clothes from washer to dryer to folding to putting away. The washer takes more than an hour to run through it's cycles. Twenty to twenty-five minutes just to fill with water. Out in the outside shed, it's easy to forget too. I have clean clothes now. Life is so exciting, isn't it?

Narf :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Changing Changes Everything

Waking with a tummy ache the past two days. Anxiety or something I ate? A bacteria or virus or something else? In any case, the changes keep on changing, Yesterday was technically the last day of the temporary Data and Marketing Manager job. So much is left unfinished and the unsettling part is the proposal I gave to Michael to continue helping as a consultant, which heartily approved by his son and daughter, the COO and CFO/CTO respectively, was not completely approved by Michael so I do not have the tools or connections to do what I proposed to do (I'd need the laptop I was using and network access). Hopefully Michael will reach out to me... I just wish he would have done it before I packed up and left.

I feel like I am going to enjoy the day of rest as much as I enjoyed the morning of rhymes. Later, a special treat for dinner. For the first time in weeks I found rhymes flowing this morning. Time for myself is so precious and valuable and rewarding and exciting and soothing and relaxing and cathartic and more all at once. You will likely find the details revealing, or at least entertaining, unless of course you don't care about me and don't like babbling and are not interested in this life I loosely call mine or any of the random revelations and nonsense that comes pouring out of my head there in which case, don't go there and in fact, why are you even here?

Thanks for caring, your patience is a gift :)

Narf :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Missing Pieces

Briefly, the past few days have been a wonderful roller coaster full of excitement and disappointment and joy and surprise and sadness and fun. Even if I won't recall the details. I will catch up as much as I can when I have the time, but not for the moment as the body needs sleep tonight to maintain balance and health. Much busy fun. Much work fun. Much.

Wish you were here :)

Narf :)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Work, Fun, Life, and so on...

It is actually more than two hours from now, now being the time stamp on this entry, but it is recapping the day that is coming to an end so I put the date it is recapping on the stamp for accurate record keeping and mention it here for even more accurate time keeping (what?... you want a second hand too?... next we'll be on a stopwatch lol). So I am just getting home and I did not do laundry this week so I will not have the favorite softball clothing to take with me (undergarments are important in sports... haven't you seen the commercials?), I shall find a way to survive (there's always hope). I did pack the bag as I may head out of town directly from work so I will have everything ready and load the car in the morning. Out of town tournaments, so much fun and so little time.

Work was fine. I am motivating people to do their job and organizing their work and time, which is what I was hired to do. Michael and Dwight will just have to figure out how to carry on with that process when I am gone. Hopefully they won't be calling too often. Life is good. Card were fun tonight. All I had to do was find a job and conform to get Curly off my back (though his control freakiness is still there, I just have a much more positive perspective about it when I have a more positive perspective on myself and everything. Amazing how the hope of a steady income to pay for independence can do that for a person in this cookie cutter culture.

This could have rolled on into a babbling DDD entry, but I really must get some sleep as I want to get in to work early tomorrow to get more done and feel good about leaving early to get on the road to beat rush hour traffic. Coach finally got back to me about accommodations and apparently I will be sharing with him at $125 a night. Crazy for my budget, but I am spending money I hope to earn in a month or two. Being part of this culture is maddening, so laughter comes to save me once again.

What are you doing with your time?

Narf :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This morning I went to HR to sign papers to give them permission to check my background and driver's record and to give them fingerprints and then I went to the lab to give urine and this afternoon the HR lady called and said I was cleared (amazingly fast) and she asked when I wanted to start. I could start on Monday but I decided to start March 6th because that is the next orientation and Monday is too soon because I want to help Michael transition more (I will do some consulting for him after I leave) and I am going to a tournament in Tampa this weekend and it also gives me time to take the car in for servicing I've been putting off for weeks and make sure I have clothes out of storage and so on...

So I start March 6th.

Now, I must sleep.


May you be smiling too. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hard News

So I told Michael I would be leaving. It was a huge relief, but still feels terrible because he really needs me there. I helped their recruiter put an ad together and told Michael I'd help interview and would consult and do some data organizing from home if he wanted. We didn't talk compensation, but I'd be willing to help out for free for a short time. He's a good guy and needs a manager for his business. He understood and said he'd do the same thing after I told him about the offer and he appreciated my offer to continue helping him. I also got my first paycheck today.

Sigh, tomorrow I do all the tests and wait some more.

Hope, excitement, bittersweet smiles.

Narf :)

Monday, February 13, 2017


Or is that diggity? well, the simply news is I got the job offer for the Safety Officer position for the county. Conditional offer, pending all the various security and drug and driving and background and assorted other screenings. I conditionally accepted. How can I turn down more than twice the base salary not including great cheap health insurance and oodles of paid time off. The friends at the other job will be very sad, but it's a no brainer. Tough day tomorrow. Hopefully we will part friends. I will offer to help transition one of my friends into the position and make myself available for consultation cheap.

Excited, sad, excited more.

Narf :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Early to Bed (Sort of)

Today was softball this morning, lunch with some teammates in the afternoon, dinner with Helen in the evening, and laundry with this babbling and gastrointestinal care and internet TV on in the background in the recent hours. Instead of pushing to stay awake longer, I shall lay down and let sleep come so I can wake early and head to work early.

I hope your day smiled. :)

Back to Whatever

Life, that is. The usual, played games, played cards, ate a lot of food, had fun. That is what the weekend is supposed to be about, right? I relaxed and recuperated, mostly. You'll just have to sift through the babble in the babbling blog for more. I don't feel like it matters at the moment.

So I am writing for myself. You want me to write to you, let me know you are there.

Any day now, I might return to the fantasy.

Narf. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Still Alive

I survived, in case it matters. I know all my millions of devoted fans have already heard, but the procedure apparently went well (they drugged me, so who knows what the ridiculously high paid doctor and team of assistants did... it took seven of them to do what one doctor did ten years ago... modern medicine, the biggest rip-off in our lives). I was going to go to a buffet afterward as I did not eat for almost two days, but I ate spaghetti instead. Stayed home. Rested. Following sensible advice.

Are you even out there anymore?

Narf. :)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Medical Gods

That is what some, maybe most Doctors think of themselves... or is it what people think of Doctors... whatever. After a lifetime working in the health care field in hospitals and residential facilities on all levels, I have little respect for what we call modern medicine and no respect for the medical industry. Still, I have enough respect to get a check up now and then. When I wake up I will be heading to a colonoscopy. Fun. The Doctor and hospital paperwork seems to assume I am ignorant and offers no respect for my knowledge, concerns, or desires. Mandatory full anesthesia is not only not necessary, but so dangerous that I am surprised there are not lawsuits about the forced procedure done when a patient requests a local.

I'll just leave this here in case something goes wrong.

In case it matters.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Work, Shop, Die

The modern life. Being back in the working world more than 40 hours a week again is another challenge for the body and mind. Finding time to write, time for me, has been a challenge because I force other activities into the weekly work-life schedule. Softball returns. Not enough. The Friday and Saturday teams have taken the Winter season off. Card nights run late. TV series shows fill anywhere from four to a dozen hours a week, not including sports, specials, or whatever (though the non-series watching is rarer these days). Earth From Space and Star Talk are two, the first being quite recommended if you care about life at all. Mostly, it is work and chores. Today I left work early, already having put more than 40 hours in this week, as I prepare for an in-patient medical test scheduled for tomorrow. Hospitals put tags on patients in case they die. Modern medicine.

Anybody out there?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Month of Babble

Yes, that's right, about a month ago I found myself ocupied with whatever was going on at the time, mostly distraction and holding my breath and I still am, but then, life goes on. Yes, that's right, I've been babbling almost daily but have not made time to spend a few minutes briefly accounting for my time in this life in this blog as it was meant to be. Still awaiting word about that interview, meanwhile, I took a job with a friend's company and it will be quite awkward when I leave, but it does not pay enough to keep me from moving on if one of the state jobs call back. I heard from HR, they are reviewing my references. Life is so busy, I steal babble time from sleep and write letters to J and work and play cards and play softball and play mind games forever.

Maybe I'll catch up with the brief entries one of these weeks.

Hope you are well, and if you miss me, so many thanks.

Keep in touch.

narf. :)