Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yes, I decided not to put fucking day in the title because, efter all, a lot of people want to be offended by damn words even when they are used properly to describe something. Simply, these are the reasons for the state of today. No pants for the interview tomorrow; Laptop crashing multiple times; Loss of words, work, mind; Anemia symptoms worse; Head cold worse or mold or anemia even worse; Lost BP med prescription; Lots of laundry; Weight loss stopped; $2500 spent on CC this month pushes me into tapping the emergency car payment funds (major line I did not want to cross); Tinnitus worse; Hungry; Lonely; Who cares mode is on (high volume).

There's probably more, but the computer crashed so many times I just want to stop using it.

So how was your day?

Narf! :}

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cards, Food, Fun

The usual, more later... When I sat down here last night I started nodding off and just went to bed. The body is struggling die reasons medical science is investigating (and annoying head cold symptoms to boot), so it was time to collapse and sleep. I slept, except for the usual waking to urinate a couple or few times, almost twelve hours. I am still tired, but much less exhausted than I was last night.

The usual fun playing cards and some of the food Curly made. I lost this entry three times already to computer glitches and stupidity so i am in no mood to trust the computer with words right now so that is all for now.

The Sinuses Are Rhinitising

Yes, there is some sort of major revolt going on in my head and it is getting revolting, a revolting revolt, I tell ya. You can read the day's details in the usual place (I just don't feel like being clever here just now). Eyes puffy, nose red, drip drip drip both ways, cough cough, headache... is it a cold, mold, anemia, or a combination of all three. I just want to get into bed but if it's the mold it won't get any better in this moldy space. life and it's wonderful little challenges, gotta love it. Cuz I don't want to leave it, ya know?

So how is your rhino?

Narf :}

Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Lonely Day

So I once again come here (and babbled in the detailed blog) to share words with that seemingly infinite indomitable hope that someone will read and care and share and ease the loneliness. Futility, I know not your meaning. The news was on earlier because Jackson reached out (am I flattered and happy she reaches out when she is stressed? Does that mean she still holds me in high esteem and has value for me in her life? Am I reading too much into a few text messages? I hope so, I hope so, and I hope not) about the drama at Ohio State. I watched the news and let her know what was going on. Then I wrote and researched anemia because I am feeling so poorly. Symptoms for anemia and for mold are similar, so who knows, both. I should have done laundry since I have no clean softball underwear, but I did not find the motivation or energy to want to go outside and the laundry room is in a shed outside. Silly Me. I must get up to stretch and loosen my neck as the last regular season softball game for this year is in two hours. I laughed a lot today until the news and body aches got under my skin.

So how was yours (day? body? skin? life?).

Narf :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slow Moving

After checking mail, scanning for jobs, and writing this afternoon (trying to focus through a whole lot of fog), Excel texted to set up a Bridge game for tonight because she and the Commodore have been out of town all week. I was getting really good hands, but not concentrating well as the head cold or allergy was very distracting. Curly made dinner, meat and potatoes as usual. I brought carrots. We had fun, but we were all exhausted. Bridge junkies, one and all.

Home now, I am going to let myself fall asleep early. Jackson just texted good night, right on time.

Nite nite :)

Afternoon Undelight

Yucky is the feeling in the body (which is slighly more descriptive than poorly, in case you do not have the technical manual handy). I am doing my best to rest comfortably in this environment which is more comfortable than the last place I was staying in many ways, but still not "my place" as the room is mostly filled with The Maharaja's furniture and stuff. There is also a strong mold must smell, so naturally a meaningless complaint was filed with the board of health in my head. Hopefully The Maharaja has a sense of humor as open and comfortable and silly as mine and is laughing too, if he stumbles upon my endless stream of babbling in this blog world (there's always home for an ego-less secure sense of humor as long as Douglas Adams is still writing his seven part trilogy somewhere in this universe and as long as my mind is active, he is... Robin Williams, Don Quixote, and George Carlin understand).

This could have been fun fun fun fun if I was not feeling so poorly. Yucky too.

Narf :)

Morning Comes Coughing

Yes, the body is definitely fighting a cold/flu bug. After some improvement when the day began, the throat is increasing it's soreness, the nose is increasing it's running, a cough is developing, and the body is not feeling any better than the last time we checked in. A full day out with large groups of different people, moving a friend with a group of other friends I do not see often - lifting and exerting myself, followed by dinner in a close-quartered restaurant in another town, followed by a play in a small crowded theater exposed to another large group of strangers, followed by several hours on the phone with Harpo while sitting in the car with the windows rolled down, all likely added to presenting more challenges that the immune system could handle. So the body is fighting and I should rest more and I suppose this means we shall also test whether this environment is a death trap for the body in this state.

Criminal, this aging process.

Today was a absolutely wonderful day otherwise.

Narf. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lost Today

Not sure just where it went, it was here a minute ago, or few. A whole Friday done gone and left my mind. I watched some more TV. Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior, I think. Not very impressed, but it passes the time and occupies the mind with alternative thoughts. Life can be monotonous without softball and games and they both were absent this week. One more softball game left until mid-January. Cards and games are not as fun as they were the first few months. Change and new input is definitely welcome. Chatted with The maharajah, his mind is a challenging smile. I was also elsewhere writing other things in other blogs (perhaps the detailed version of this lost day will share some links, in case it matters)and and I filled in some past blank dates in this and the details blog, but dang if I remember specifics (or details) about it. Maybe you do.

Did we have fun?

Narf :)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mold, Cold, or Getting Old

Nose, throat, ear, blah. Jackson is sick too, just up the road, so far away. I got some sleep and woke and watched more TV and wrote, writing for the words of it. Feels good, even when I feel bad. Took my vitamins. Hungry. Nothing open Thanksgiving evening except CVS and Walgreens so mediocre junk food. The bowels are giving me some hope for the moment. Morning comes, babble continues, good sign.

Narf :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Continued Blah

still not feeling well. Change in meds (side effects), maybe changing the diet, definitely not sleeping well and very low iron levels, extended body chill, too much time breathing in moldy air, possibly something else. Still a runny nose, scratchy throat, low energy, high blah and the ear continues screaming, pulsing. Wednesday blahs or a head cold. the last 48 hours watching TV, then there's sunrise.

I cancelled plans for dinner with Jane. I'm just was not up to visiting strangers for a Thanksgiving dinner. Gonna sit back on the bed, rest, and watch some more TV. Maybe more sleep will help.

Did I mention I have an interview for a Health Department Investigator Manager job next week?

Narf :}

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Not Feeling Well

Maybe it is the power of suggestion, but I was feeling ok yesterday morning, just tired and a bit bloated, when I went to the doctor and had a nurse and the doctor tell me that I must not be feeling well and this morning, after sleeping more than ten hours, I am not feeling well. I did not sleep well, waking three times (at least) to urinate (started the BP med with the diuretic again last night so that explains that and will take some getting used to again and that may play a role in the overall not feeling well, but there are other factors too) and remembering being restless. The change in weather (dryer, cooler, chilled) may play a role too. I changed eating patterns again which also likely plays a role. Feeling bloated and yet hungry. Meanwhile, how are you?

Went to the doctor yesterday, as I said. She expressed concern over my apparently increasing anemia and changed my GI doctor to the head GI doctor, but that moved the appointment two weeks further out, so it is a month from now. The body temperature was 97.4, for what it's worth. After the doctor I went to the storage place to pick up some long sleeve sweatshirts as Fall has finally arrived. Then I returned here and figured out how to open cans with a "safety can opener" (that was a puzzle and I don't like the contraption) and then I used the food processor (a Cuisanart from the 1990s) to prepare what was supposed to be chicken salad but turned out to be puree chicken with carrots and onions and mushrooms. I washed everything and retired to my room to watch TV until I fell asleep.

Are we still here? :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monday Coming Down

The focus on eating healthier for weight reduction started today. As I did not get home until almost 3 am and then wrote and uploaded babble to the old babbling blog TheReal(TM), I slept until about 10 am (I think) and then checked email and job opportunities. A call came to let me know I made it to stage two of a management job with the Health Department and and I have an interview for December 1st. The Maharaja's friend packed and left and I helped her load her car. We exchanged emails and numbers and she said she'd send me some information about jobs she knows about. I enjoyed the afternoon playing chess and writing, then playing chess and watching some TV on the computer until I showered and headed for softball. I did not hit well, two at bats, two outs. The team did not field well and we lost 16-12. After my game I hung out to watch friends play their games and then headed home for a shower and here we are. A simple day.

Hope you enjoyed your day too. :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunday Softball Finale and Fun

A full day of softball and then softball celebrating and then just plain old celebrating brings us back here at this late hour. The luxury of sleeping in was great and I woke around 11 am to sit back and relax and type freely into babble until it was time to shower and head to the fields. We won our game to finish the season in third place. Three of our four losses came against the top two teams on days when our key players did not show up and we stretched for subs who were very weak and still played with just nine players. After the last game I headed home and showered and wrote some more before heading to the end of season banquet. Good food, lots of people, awards. After the banquet a group of us went bar hopping to two more bars and then to a midnight show at P-House (lots of skin) and then to I-Hop for more food. I am way too stuff, just like old times, not good. Tomorrow I start the reversal of the past week's eating pattern. All in all, a fun day, evening, and night.

Hope you had a fun Sunday too. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keeping Busy

A busy day from wake up before sunrise through just getting home after midnight. Writing in the morning, then off to Tinman's to paint, then to dinner with Helen, then to cards with Curly, Excel, and The Commodore, and now back to The Maharaja's place where he is busy welcoming another guest. Turns out she is moving to Orlando, which is a surprise for him and I wonder how that will effect my staying here. They are chatting in the living room. Positive thoughts please (The mind is not cooperating with that request). Fatigue. I sent out two more job applications tonight as I checked email when I got home. Received another rejection email. All in all, low on the energy and happy-happy-joy-joy scales (and when both are low, it's a hard knocks life, aye gov'na?... nothing to say, but it's ok... la la la).

Keeping busy, keeping up appearances, fun until I am alone again, naturally.

Tomorrow, tomorrow... hope you are smiling :)

narf :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tired Bloat

Yes, tired bloat dominates the morning (details on how I got here are in the usual place). Since the last entry, let's see... I was awake a few more hours last night on the internet and then slept about 4 hours. Woke to heal to Tinman's place to help him paint. Painted about four hours and then headed to the hospital to have blood drawn for lab work. I had forgotten to drink water so I drank 85 ounces on the way to the hospital (five 16.7 ounce bottles). Probably distorted the labs, again (last time I was dehydrated and the doctor said I should make sure I was hydrated before going for the blood draw this time). Lots of urinating since then. Then headed to the Chinese buffet to refuel as I had fasted 24 hours. Then headed here and passed out in the chair. Woke several times to urinate and slept very restlessly, waking with a desperation frustration (as opposed to fear) scream in a dream. Came here, and here we are.

Busy day in a few hours. Time to shower. Hope your day is fun too.

Narf :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Back to the Night

Yes, the day flips into the night and the clock on the wall... well... that's for the babbling. For here and now, in this blog of brevity, the date/time stamp is finally right. For the details, you know where to go. We had fun playing Bridge tonight, though it was as much chattering about this and that as it was Bridge. We were enjoying it enough to play an extra couple of hours and we all got along well, which is a very pleasant change from recent months. They ate the usual and I stopped at the best Chinese buffet in town before going there because I need to fast tonight and I wanted to eat earlier. Delicious.

Tomorrow is an early day as I will be helping Tinman paint rooms in his new house so i am going to try to unwind and get to sleep soon. Keep true to you and the world will come around. Or something like that. :)

Narf :)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Catch Up?

Well, there are a whole lot of words in the files and a whole lot more in the Facebook activity log (not even counting the old profile if I ever get around to sending a driver's license to them to reopen it if it is still there) and a whole lot more in emails to catch up on and sort and somehow share online, at least in part, but for now, I don't seem to be too organized. Waking after fasting since Tuesday evening, the energy level is low. Finding some unfinished business in the brain (I have not been updating here and though I just updated the past week, I am still more than a week behind in the Dirt, Drama, and Details which is where the dirt, drama, and details (and any other cranial clutter) is processed... you remember the process, right? The links (and likely more here and a whole lot more elsewhere) will be added later, I hope.

I shall shower, wake up, and see about all that there stuff upstairs.

Yup, that's a plan.

Narf :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Slump Day

So much for hump days. My Wednesdays have typically been more like slump days this year. Every other day has a scheduled activity that keeps me occupied and provides fun (and some positive stress with the occasional negative stress which is what life does, basically). Wednesdays I typically have nothing to do so I sleep in later than usual and stay on the laptop all day. Today I caught up on a few TV shows, scoured the email and internet for jobs, applied for a couple (it was a very disappointing day for the job market), and mostly vegged. Excel and Harpo checked in on me, which was nice. Jackson sent a couple of morning emojis about 7:30 am... I replied and went back to sleep. Life goes on.

One of these days I will do something with all the internet conversations I've been engaged in and there may be a whole lot of linking going on, but for now, all is quiet. Mostly.

Take care of you :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stresses Abound

the best we can do is the best we can do. I made it to the doctor this morning and was happy to see the same doctor (never know at the free clinic and this was just my third visit in more than a year). The usual few hours waiting, but then the doctor and I chatted about the lab results (finally, aye?) and she agreed with my reading of them and was happy I took steps to address them all. She ordered more labs and changed the blood pressure meds (the BP was up) to remove the diuretic (due to the labs) and we shall see how that goes. I realized anxiety has been much higher than usual in recent weeks.

After the doctor I finally stopped at the storage place and "shopped" through my boxes, packing two boxes full of stuff (mostly food). After that I went to lunch at a local Japanese buffet. Yes, treating myself for emotional support, but also for food since I have been eating lightly (fasted three days last week and was down 23 pounds from my last doctor visit). After that, home and a nap as I only slept two hours, if that much, last night.

After the nap, to Curly's for cards. Eh. Life goes on.

Happy Birthday Ray... Happy Birthday Barb. :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Blahs, Sort Of

More of the usual online stuff, scanning emails for jobs, jobs sites for jobs, the sky for jobs... sigh. Also still spending more time on Facebook reassuring friends and staying in touch. The body presented a challenge today and I will be heading to the doctor tomorrow morning. Alas, the pattern of getting better has changed and la la la, I'll hope for the best. I did make it to softball and did well there and then hung out watching friends playing in other games, then headed home for more online. I watched some internet TV for a change. Caught up a little on old shows. Then stayed up all night, eh.

Talk to the body tomorrow. Take care of yours. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Softball, Food, Darts, and Friends

Early day at the fields as Jackson had three games, the first starting at 9 am and I had a 10 am game with her next two right after. Turned out she and Brandi were no-shows and she didn't mention it to me, which was sad on a few levels. Her team went 2-1 on the day and my team won big, fun day at the fields and then a fun evening at the usual local sports bar with friends from other teams for dinner and darts and football on the TV. As everyone left I stayed with a few people (the couples seem to stay later) to watch the end of the late games and then headed home (alone again, naturally). The Maharaja was up and we chatted for a while, then I headed here to type the words and stay in touch with the online communications that increased dramatically this week and eventually, sleep.

Hope your Sunday was as much fun as mine, or more, even. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Life's a Parade

Most of us stand on the sidelines watching, some cheering, some spilling into the street to feel closer only to be pushed back so the parade can pass through. Some volunteer to be part of the parade and follow the instructions of the parade organizers and a few organize groups that make up the parade. I was in that last category and my group were the Angels and they did themselves proud. Much cheering, some tears, and a whole lot if beaming smiles. Physically it was challenging, but everyone felt good at the end (I imagine they will be sore tomorrow, but the emotional high would be worth it for most).

After the parade, as it is for me, I wandered the festival areas in the downtown park alone. Jackson left to parts unknown before we could hook up and other friends did the same, to the local bars and hang outs. I just don't enjoy that alcohol-infused atmosphere anymore, so I headed home after a while. Early softball in the morning, so perhaps sleep would be wise. After more internet time.

The roller coaster ride continues. :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Much Ado, Sort Of

Online and on the phone a lot again today exchanging messages with people who are looking for comfort and reassurance that they are not alone. Sadly, I am hearing about some suicides and other serious needs, though no one in my physical world contact circles have reached that point. I am lucky and happy to not be working so I have the time to be there. As usual, my sleep pattern is turning upside down because I am a night person, but I am still waking to do some job searching most days. Just giving friends more of that time than I have in the past.

The evening was softball, then the local sports bar where I again ate dinner and I splurged for darts. Though even there friends needed to talk about fears of the new President and his followers, it was a fun night after an emotional day.

Hope you are ok, reach out anytime. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Counseling Friends

Friends are the counselors we don't pay, the people who listen when we need to talk about something good or bad, the people who keep us from feeling alone or afraid or unstable. Today I spent most of the day online or on the phone with friends who are panicked by the election results. Sad and some are reacting to fears of what might be a bit prematurely and without logic from my perspective, but that is often what fear is, an illogical reaction to possible outcomes. There is legitimate reason to reason to fear the intolerance and hate rhetoric, but we must do our best not to empower the fear. I am doing my best to be there, offer hugs, and find words that clarify what they are expressing so they can feel reassured.

Another Bridge night and it went ok, though the tension and mood swings continue from Curly when he is not winning. Strange. I do my best to help him but he's put a wall up so I just play with the group and let him be.

Hope you are ok with politics, friends, and life. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Home Day

After getting home from playing cards last night I found The Maharaja on the couch watching the election report on his laptop (no cable TV or any TV here) and found out it was looking like Clinton was going to be Trumped, which is scary because it might empower the hate groups that so adamantly expressed support for Trump, but then, Clinton is scary for other reasons.

So after sleeping, I stayed in to read friends online and offer support in words as many were letting their fears and emotions get out of control. I started a new fast to give the body one more week to heal and hopefully it will before next Monday so I can lower the need for a doctor visit on Tuesday.

Life goes on.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Facebook and DNC harassment made politics relatively unavoidable this year (I usually do mybest to pay no attention to the men behind the curtain). Phones calls from the DNC interrupted my sleep, my meals, my activities, and most important today, my job searching too many times to ignore. They lose, as far as I am concerned. I did get to send out two resumes and applied for one job online in spite of the Democrats phone calls and texts. The fact that I am job searching means I can not block unknown numbers. The fact that every unknown number brings me a rush of adrenaline and a peak of stress as I take a deep breath and prepare for a job interview call makes their continued calling from different numbers is abusive to me on several levels. Any lawyers out there?

I am off to play cards now that my day of job searching is done. The harassment DNC may not be over.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Monday

Up all night last night, so I slept in today. Applied for another job, took online tests, and checked in with email to J. Headed to a late softball game, we had fun. Home to eat and then, catching up in the blog world. That was the Monday that was.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Usual Sunday

With some exceptions like a flare-up of the physical ailments and overdosing on meat and carbs for the first time in more than a month, but I survived with a little help from a laxative and out we went to softball. Fun softball day in spite of some players not showing up and losing one game because we simply did not have the talent on the field or in the batter's box. We may finish fourth this season. After softball we went for food at the local sports bar, watched some games, and then it was home to the computer and eventually, sleep. Some emails, a job application, a bit of Facebook, the usual Sunday.

Blah Blah Blah.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day Three (Saturday, In the Roost)

That would be Crane's Roost, which I a park, so the Chicago theme continues to some extent. After waking late I spent some time unpacking, then on Facebook, then in email and online for jobs, and then I went out for the afternoon to a food and beer festival. I focused on the food and left the beer for those who like the stuff. Much food, alas, much set back on the whole healthy diet and improve lab results thing. Reset any day now, I hope. I talked Harpo into coming out and walking around the festival with me. After the walk in the park, I headed to Excel and the Commodore's for a cards and games night and had fun playing cards and games, though not necessarily in that order. They had some cheap pizza there and I foolishly continued pouring calories and carbs and fats into my digestive tract. The taste buds celebrated as the body died. After the fun of the games (and cards) I headed back here and by then, it was tomorrow.

Happy Fifth of November.

...and happy Birthday Z.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Day Two

Sleeping past noon again because I was up until past 5 am working on a potential job assignment and finally heading to bed after sunrise, I spent the afternoon unpacking some stuff and moving in. The desk is taking shape, the chair and clothing rack was put together, and the laptop continued crashing when I let it sit idle for more than five minutes (and also when I let iTunes play, so iTunes does not keep it active the way a browser playing a streaming show does). slowly, but surely, the laptop is dying. The evening came and I headed to softball. It was good to play again after a week away and I did better than usual so maybe I needed a break to clear my head but more likely it was an energy drink I drank before the game, first one I had in more than a month. This week was exhausting.

This week was also exciting, challenging, and coming to a sweet close. Hope yours was too. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day One

Moving into a new habitat is starting over in so many ways. There are health risks here, but it is a home and I am welcome and that is a wonderful thing. I woke for good some time after noon and set up the laptop a bit more comfortably and set up the room a bit more comfortably and brought the stuff in from the car and chatted with The Maharaja for a bit when he got home just before I was leaving for cards. I stopped at the store for a few things and dinner and cards was fun with a bit less tension than last time. Arriving back here I started a new file for writing and checked email and found a pre-hire screening work assignment that I worked on all night. There's always hope.

Are you still there? :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Work and Play

By work, I mean the physical labor of packing and moving. By play, I mean enjoying the final game of the baseball World Series with a seriously deep emotional connection to someone who has an intensely seriously deep emotional connection with one of the teams. Yes, today everything was moved out of the unfinished place Curly let me stay in and into the storage unit (mostly) and the room The Maharaja is letting me stay in. Exhaustion on every level is an understatement. I would probably make no sense if I tried to explain any more. See for yourself, in case it matters. Everything is moved. I forgot one thing that I know of and if Curly wants it, he can have it. It is time to sleep in spite of the excitement of being in a new space with a new roommate and the trepidation to adjusting to the challenges this new space and roommate do and may present. Work and play. That's life.

Enjoy yours.

Narf :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Packing Madness

Today was, is, and will be the packing day as it continues with just one focus, pack everything with as much order and labeling as possible. Success still seems a long way off in the distances and this guy may be right, I may be crazy. In fact, this guy too. If you are bored, you can still make a brain cake for your friends and family. They don't even have to be zombies.

I wonder how we'd feel if there was a Bureau of Caucasian Affairs. Or a Bureau of African American affairs, for that matter.

Yeah, so anyway, back to the report (or record) of the daily life...

The as you might already know, I packed a lot today. I did go to the storage place and signed the papers and paid the money so I have officially contracted for storage. may have gone out to the Chinese Buffet since I had no food in the place. But mostly it was packing, packing, packing. And labeling the boxes. So mostly it was packing, packing, and more packing and labeling the boxes. The evening was continued packing while Sweating the Cubbies.

Wish you were here. :)