About the Writer

The writer of this blog, me, can be quite elusive and more playful that anyone would ever care to read, kind of like a never ending maze (playing with words within parenthetic asides, among other things), if you recall... maybe, aye?.. still loving distractions and the self-mockery).

Start again.

The writer of this blog loves the written word. Words are self-expression, creativity, therapy, and more. I make no claim to know how to use them well, but I loved writing since from the moment I could first hold a crayon to make letters on paper (or walls or wherever). For a while all of the writing was on paper and there are hundreds of volumes stored in boxes just a mile or few south of Lake Ontario, in case it matters. As the last century came to a close, I started uploading words to the internet as I wrote them. At first it was awkward not to be holding a pen to paper, but as with every change, I got used to typing into the boxes that blog sites provide.

And here we are.

If you really want to know more about the writer, read the blogs. There are blogs that are autobiographical. The links to the right (Navigation and Information - or just Information depending on the blog) will lead you to why we are here (About This Blog... or About This Blog as there are two daily blogs these days), this entry, (About This Writer), people mentioned (About The People), blogging (About This Blog World), and more (Other Writings and Stuff). Believe it or not, the writer actually may have written (and is still writing) all of them. Most of it is not about the writer, but then, almost nothing is, is it? (ego, what ego?... did I mention self-mockery and parenthetic asides are favorite amusements in the writer's playground?).

In the writing itself, you will find prose, images, rhymes too, for those of you who enjoy them (poetry, perhaps, as music is the fluid carrying my spirit through this universe and words are the cells forming the body of this life as I know it... I think in rhythms and feel in rhymes and the words flow lyrically from time to time). And a whole lot of babble too.

Some of those links on the right lead to the past, especially the daily writing places like this one as daily blogging started before 2000. Some blogs and sites have specific themes and are added to when the muses inspire words or something that fits in those continuing blogs. Some are pure fantasy or creative play far from the actual life of the writer, but rather reflections on perceptions. Amusements, distractions, and other curiosities abound.

The bottom line may be elusive sometimes. On the other hand, every secret about the writer has been shared in words somewhere along the way. It's just a matter of finding out which secret is true and which is illusion (perhaps which one is pink and which are moody blues).

Ultimately, if you want to know me, just relax and ask by answering this question.

What do you want to know?

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