Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day-o, where did you go?

I somehow found something to ramble on about and yet, today was a wash. A mystery of time passing with little or no thinking or recollecting. I wandered the internet, stopping at various sites and spent a couple of hours on Gaia learning my way around after signing up. I probably won't be back much, which is sad for the fish I suppose, but it's an amusing place for the childinside. Very retro. I found a TV Streeaming site I'd love to expore if I had audio on this laptop, sigh. I reminisced and fantasized and now, it's nap time.

What's your day been like so far? :)

Monday, May 30, 2016


I figure I'd blog again just in case this is the last entry I ever upload (weak lol). I barely have the energy to type with both wrists resting on the laptop. The sun was baking the clay softball fields and I was out there for four hours with minimal shade. I did a lot of running and then when i got home I started moving stuff heavy to the garage and then helped Curly move some seriously heavy stuff from the much hotter and more humid greenhouse to his trailer and the 90+ degree ait felt like a cool breeze. Not cool enough though. We soaked our heads and finished the job and I came in and took a cool shower and now, exhaustion. Lay down fool! lol lam :)

Breathe deep and enjoy your day :)

Holiday Softball

An extra softball pick-up game is set for this morning, maybe because it is a holiday and there is no league softball tonight. I am happy about that and will be heading out in a few minutes. I am debating about eating a little chicken for protein. I slept well for four hours so we shall see if that was enough as after softball I intend to help Curly with yardwork. Gonna be a long hot day outdoors, just what the body needs to stay young and fit (I am only ever so slightly being sarcastiv because it is also true). Jackson responded to an overnight text with lol, so yay for staying in touch. She keeps her phone on emergency phone calls only overnight so I somtimes text and it won't wake her.

That is the morning report for all who care, in case it matters.

Make today a great day :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Being Awake is Nice

Yes, thought it might drive a person crazy (song reference, anybody... anybody?... Bueller?) my babbling happens with more more proclivity and assorted other big words that may or not be out of place when I am awake. So I am more awake at the moment than I have been in days, proabbly longer, as I slept at least ten hours and most of it was deep very restful sleep. Maybe I can remember how to turn off my mind like I used to (he says with a smile lol lam).

A big bold beautiful bombing thunderstorm woke me, I think, and I enjoyed watching it from inside (though my view is quite limited, alas... I wonder how that house I bought all those years ago is doing now) and then sat down to babble on a bit and now, looking around wondering what to do with my evening. Hopeing Jackson made it home safely as she texted me just before leaving work and has not responded. Don't worry, be happy.

Ok, so what else is new? Gonna get up and do something around here now. Hope your evening is fun too :)

Partial Sleep

Well, the best laid plans do not always happen so here I am awake again. I woke around 3am and laid in bed for two hours with all sorts of thoughts swirling (the good, the bad, and the ugly... I really wish I had someone I could talk to when I am regirgitating thoughts in the middle of the night, but nobody wants to be that close to me these days and living alone now, I don't have a built-in therapst {lol, not that she provided therapy much, the relationship was usually the opposite, but every now and then we could talk and at least I could get a brief hello in the morning} or friend). I finally got out of bed because I accepted the fact that my mind was not in the mood to sleep. I wrote a bit and ahowered and played some Bridge and Chess and am about to head out to Saturday morning Softball with the seniors.

Make today a great day :)

Late Saturday

As the ponderous details might suggest, I was out from early morning until the past hour (and the time stamp on this entry is about right). I left for early Sunday Morning Softball with the seniors shortly after the last entry here and I must say that I see why I do not play with the seniors much. Many of them don't try. The sun is too hot for them and they are too old to chase balls or play well. The energy level is so low, I have to work myself apart from them to get a good wworkout. I did. Then I headed to Curly's and ate lunch (a can of chicken I brought with me), took a nap, showered, and we headed to Excel and the Commodore's for dinner and cards. I drove to and from Curly's so it was the 60+ mile route and am just getting home and shall see about getting some sleep.

Wish you were here :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Early Friday

With both teams we were supposed to play in our double header not showing up, we won two games by forfeit. Sucks because our coach spent a lot of time finding subs because more than half of hour team was away for the holiday weekend and all that time spent finding players was a waste of time. Then we had six players subbing for us who drove out to the fields anticipating playing two games for no games. At least we all had batting practice and that was a good thing because a few of us, me included, really needed it. I used my new bat and hit well with it, though it definitely needs breaking in and it definitely wears me out (30 ounces end loaded).

No one wanted to go out afterward so I headed home and here we are, a lot earlier than usual. I resisted stopping for food so I saved money and I kept the calories down and still feel stuffed so I supposed that is a good thing times two or three. Sat down to eat and catch my breath (figuratively) and now I'm gonna shower and listen to music and write (been writing more lately which is a very good sign cuz the more I write, the more it means I am in a good place inside, but alas, it represent why I am alone because who would ever keep up with me when I am in a really really good place inside lol lam sigh :)

Make it a great night (and hope it was a great day) :)

Sleep 'n Play

That's life these days. Sleeping as the body asks for it, waking when the body wants to wake. Softball and cards make up most of the the play time. Tonight was Thursday Night Bridge at Excel and the Commodore's place. Dinner was meat and potatoes and veggies, as usual. Crock pots cook meat soft enough to cut with a fork or spoon. Pork roast, little potatoes, squash/zuccini mix. I may get a crock pot but I am not sure how hot it would make this place. Cheaper ones that do not have rubber seals steam up a place and that would not work here at all. I must pay more attention when around them. I could do pasta and veggies and chili and meatballs and other stuff I like.

Bridge was fun. I started out great and slowed down as I lost focus. I was hungry I think and I have no caffeine. I slipped into third place behind the Commodore and Curly by the end of the night. I had a bologna and cheese (muenster) sandwich when I got home and I am starting to feel sleepy.

I hope you had a good day and night too :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Skipping Lou

I continue to record the life here and in various other places (for details, ring the bell), in case it matters. The hopelessly hopeful romantic continues, even in brevity. So I headed to softball after the previous entry and once again Wednesday Night was not my favorite night as he coach keeps changing things up on her whim. Tonight I played first every other inning and then pitched the last two innings. I hit poorly. We won 14-4. The field director and manager were there and last week was forgotten, which was fine as I am no longer taking Wednesday night softball seriously. If another opportunity closer to home comes up, I'll jump at it.

I snacked before and after softball, which counts as dinner. I fell asleep shortly after getting home and the second snack and woke after 2am and stayed awake again. Yes, that seems to be a pattern. I showered, wrote a bit (or vice versa) and then played Bridge for the last couple of hours and here we are. Wishing somehow you were here again cuz all I ever needed was the one, cha cha cha. We must remember this, or something like that.

Narf :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Little Progress

Yes, so I vented emo, sent out resumes, got the car serviced, and last night actually slept almost nine full hours. I woke before noon and almost stayed in bed to sleep some more, but instead texted Curly and motivated myself to start moving stuff around around here. He stopped by the give me the key to the garage and that bit of moral support helped. All of the doors are not in the garage and the garage is partially reorganized so more can fit. Moving heavy stuff around in the garage and then moving the doors, some weighing more than a hundred pounds, knocked me out. The heat was also brutal. I brought a chair and my fan into the garage and sat down and almost nodded off. The body needed rest.

I finished up after catching my breath and brought six cases of water in along with some other stuff from the car. If I didn't have softball tonight I might have continued, but my arms and shoulders are exhausted and definitely need a few hours rest before softball. So here we have a rare daytime entry because something different actually happened. I still don't know how serious I am about a job just yet. I got a call from Florida Hospital while I was waiting for my car and turned down an interview for night shift a position as assistent to the EEG tech in a sleep lab. Shhhh, don't tell all the worry-worts around me, m'ok? :)

Smiles are good, ya know? :)

Low Gear

The good news is I made a bit of progress, even if it is in low gear. After waking last night around 2:30am, I did not go on Facebook, I instead released the emo that was building up. Following that, I wandered through job emails and sent out a bunch of resumes. I showered and headed out around 7:30am to get the car serviced and finally decided on doing it at Wal-Mart after an hour or more (details where they belong). After taking care of the car I headed to Curly's and accompanied him on one job then we both took naps at his place. Dinner was cheeseburgers, finally, as I was craving them for a few weeks. Tuesday Night cards was the usual fun, although everybody was pretty tired and running in low gear so i fit in well lol. Headed home after cards and almost fell right to sleep.

Nite Nite :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Yeah, so I threw a little pity party for myself and no one came. Nyuk Nyuk is the appropriate reaction with a touch of oh, whise guy, aye? for good measure. You can read all the morbid drippings in the usual place. Monday Night softball when off as usual and I played well tonight and we won. I hung out with the girls and cheered on all the teams since I play with some of them. I skipped the after softball sports bar to save money and went to Taco bell instead for some dollar menu stuff and headed home. I fell asleep shortly after eating and was intending to sleep through and wake up and do a few things, but I woke about 2:30am and vented all the emo inside and was still awake in the morning so I headed out to take care of the car. Yes, this is a catch up entry.

So much fun is is to write :)

Narf :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Slow Spiral To Nowhere

Staying home in this place can bring on a slow spiral to nowhere. I slept some, spent most of the day or evening or night (whenever I was not sleeping) on Facebook adding to the new pages and hoping someone would notice and dreaming of millions of followers so that the one might finally prove she exists in this world and we would live happily ever after.

I went 36 hours or so without food and still feel bloated. I ate a canned concoction, chicken and spaghettios, half a can each, and four teaspoons of golden mushroom soup and a slice of velveeta and some grated sharp cheddar and a spoon of butter and a squirt or few of ketchup microwaved for about four minutes and stirred.

Definitely sat around too much this weekend.

Need sleep.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Alas, Again

There were three, count them, three softball tournaments within a half hour of where I am sitting and I was welcome to play in all three, sort of, but I didn't. The travel team coach called late last night to say I wouldn't be needed and since saving $25 was the best I could make of that, I didn't call either of the other tournaments that asked me to play. It was too late. I was too lazy. I saved money. Yeah, all great reasons. Right.

So instead I slept and wandered Facebook and played Bridge on the computer. I have new Facebook pages that I will link somewhere eventually and hope for someone to notice and appreciate the time and energy and ideas I put out there.

Actually, that was last night and yesterday I think. I woke today and texted Curly who was supposed to be working on his mom's pool. He texted back that I should come to his mom's in a bathing suit and bring change of clothes, which meant I was helping with the pool and then we were heading to his house for dinner, cards, and games. That's what happened. Pool, dinner, cards and games. Fun.

You? :)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Extra Entry

The last one, I mean. It reported nothing of the daily events, it was just there to philosophize a moment and say thank you. In case it matters. :)

Today, a week after a Friday the 13th, was another Friday. Exciting, no doubt. I slept most of the day, woke up and went to play softball. We won again, way too easily, and then I came home again, way too easily. Facebook occupied some of my time and playing Bridge on the computer occupied the rest. No wonder there was an extra entry, I'm bored.

At least that's how I remember it now.

You Know I Chose The Title

In canse it matters, that is. Maybe you don't know. I think at least one or two people know. I really don't think it matters at all in the grand scheme of things, in this universe. Whether I slept two hours or six. Whether I ate from a can or in a resaurant. Whether I feel fat or healthy. Every little detail here and in the detailed supplement to this blog, I really don't think it matters at all.

Yet, it matters to me. Maybe it matters to you.

Thank you for that. :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Push-ups, Every Morning

Not even close. I've not done a push-up in years. I've not done a sit-up in decades. I require a full service reprimand and full frontal motivational intervention. Anyone with a sincere desire to be my friend who truly wants nothing from me other than for me to be my best is welcome and encouraged to send motivation. Anyone with faces like these can get me to do almost anything, at least once. Yes, in case it matters, I do have a libido lol lam :)

Just imagine if this entry was in the dirt, drama, and details blog what secrets might be shared (yes, still laughing... if you're not, you just don't get me, but thanks for your interest and I do hope you enjoy your reading and you are very welcome to stay if you play nice).

Where is the brevity we come here for? Oh yeah, today I selpt in as usual and woke to the sound of Curly's leaf blower. I helped him distribute and flatted the huge pile of mulch left in the driveway, then showered and we headed to play Bridge at Excel and the Commodore's place. I won the night on the last hand as Excel and I stopped Curly and the Commodore's attempt at 3 No Trump. dinner was light, leftovers. Home again now, I am catching up on blogs. There, was that brief enough for you?

The title reference is to the upper body work out I got pitchforking mulch. It felt great and I want motivation to do more exercise, which lead to the physical awareness and libido references in this entry, in case it matters. So if you wanna be my lover, you better get with my other blogs (or something like that lol).

Today was good rest, hard work, and fun. Hope yours was too. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Progress, Sorta

Sorting stuff in boxes, no. Sorta progress today consisted of getting a load of laundry done. The clothes are hanging to dry. Other chores wait. The day was filled with sleep and then softball. Softball sucked tonight. You can read my rant about it in the dirt, drama, and details. You do know where to find the dirt, drama, and details, don't you? What? Your first time here? Well read the About This Blog pages and you'll know your way around and won't need to be so dependent on links like this one, m'ok? :)

After softball I played games and wandered the internet all night, leaving my mark on Facebook, as usual (such an egocentric statement, no doubt, but just because my mostly meaningless comments and posts do not actually save the world, that doesn't mean my attempt was any less sincere. So there. lol lam ahhhhhh) :)

What's going on in your life today?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Usual Tuesday

Sleeping past noon has become the pattern as I spend my nights playing with myself and reading and writing and 'rithmeticking on the web. Sleep comes after sunrise most mornings. Then I do some stuff around here (though not much lately as the chores pile up and linger, undone. I shower and head out to Curly's for dinner and cards. Even the dinners don't change much on Tuesdays. Still yummy. Then cards and snacks and fun. Today was no different. Hopefully you are not bored with the same old, the details blog drones on and may be more interesting (or not). Are we soup yet? :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fun Days

Without work, life is still very busy but a whole lot less stressful and much more fun. Pity I'll have to return to the grind someday (sooner rather than later would be sensible, but shhhhh, let's enjoy the life of leisure while it lasts). I caught up on sleep (about 12 hours) and then played Ruzzle and wandered Facebook reading articles to find out what is happening in the world and leaving my usual barrage of comments as if my opinion will change the world. I headed out to Monday Night Softball and we can blame fatigue or whatever, but I sucked and we lost to a very good team. Home again to play more Ruzzle, wander more Facebook, and some catch-up in the blogs (the dirt, drama, and details, that is. Time for sleep again. Loving life alone even though I long to share more, finding the illusion of balance. :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet Aches

I left out dinner last night. Helena took me to a chinese buffet that was akmost the same as the old favorite (might even be the same owners ars it has the same name) and it was wonderful. I will definitely be back when I splurge myself. She treated, yay friend. Today was Softball. Games at 10am and 11am and winning both big, we forced a playoff for second place. We were the only ones to beat the team in first this season, but they only had one loss and we had two because we started off the season in dissarray (lost two of our first three games in the first two weeks). The playoffs were single elimination against the two teams we lost to at 2pm and if we won, 3pm. We won them all, big. 21-2 and 16-6 were the scores. We earned a berth at the World Series in August in Austin.

After softball I headed home and showered, slowly. The muscles were aching that really sweet ache that comes from a good workout. I hit really well, a few doubles (we were so far ahead so quickly I did not push for triples or home runs, just trotted to second as the bases cleared. Lots of RBIs. Pitched lights out. Yes, sweet aches. I sat for a few minutes they headed to the end of season Awards dinner where we got our second place trophy and stuff. I piled a huge plate of food and chowed down. Fun with a few hundred closer personal friends.

Hope you have days like these :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Long Fun

Saturday softball is becoming a habit, which is great because Sunday softball is almost done for the season. So I played softball from 8:30am trough 2pm, then headed home for a shower and brief nap, then headed to Excel's for cards. We played bridge as we usually do there. Columbo was in town (she used to pla cards with us long ago when the meetup games group got together often and until she moved out of town a few months ago she played with Curly, Excel, and the Commodore. I took her place at the table) and it was fun to play with her again. The cards, however, were bad all night. Worst night of cards I ever saw, horrible hands. Still we had much fun. I don't think I slept for 48 hours so everything became a blur and still is. Sleep now.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sleep is Good

Twelve hours of sleep is excellent. I woke in mid-afternoon and showered and relaxed for an hour and a half, then I left for softball. We won 22-1 in a tghree inning run ruled game. I went three for three and pitched two innings, then went to play third. After softball I did not feel like going home so I called Harpo and picked up up and went to the new Whole Foods to try their buffet. Not bad, not great, definitely not worth the $9 a pound. After that I drove to Jeremiah's for dessert. Foolish spending, more calories than needed, but yummy.

I dropped Harpo home and headed here, played Ruzzle and then went to sleep.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Day

I will be here (or somewhere sharing words), it seems, as long as I am able to physically share words for so many reasons, but primarily to practice sharing even when no one is around to share. We all believe something and I believe we are here, alive in this physical life, to share. What's your story?

Today was like most days since this blog began and since I stopped working, waking up late, tapping out some words on the keyboard, then going out for some fun. Curly came by and I rode along with him on an out of town errand and he treated me to lunch at Mellow Mushroom (I left a $10 tip, still a fool spending money and eating lots of calories). I did pick up Vitamin B Complex along the way, but none of the other things on yesterday's list of things to do got done. MMaybe tomorrow (doubtful, as I am still awake and it is going on two full days now).

After Curly's arrand, we drove down to Excel and the Commodore's place and played Bridge. I won the night again, which suggests I am learning the game. Curly drove me back here and headed home. I fell asleep playing Ruzzle and woke about an hour or two later, crawled into bed, and here I am. Laying in bed didn't work. The leftover Taco bell was good.

What's going on in your world?

Thursday, May 12, 2016


All that reading of my blog from a decade ago finally came together in a new entry in that old blog. You can more read about it and more in today's episode of dirt, drama, and details. I am happy with the coalescing of thoughts, just happy, not euphoric as is sometimes the case. Memories are mostly bittersweet when reminiscing alone.

Today, besides the writing, was a day of sleep. I went to bed around 10am and woke around 4pm and write a bit, then headed for softball. We won in extra innings, 9-8. After softball I almost went to Excel's but decided instead to splurge on Taco Bell and pig out at home with music (since there's no TV and that is really missed when eating). After that, the writing and uploading and editing and here we are.

How was your day? :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alas, Same Old Story

A week without an entry and nobody even noticed. Oh well, I was enjoying reminiscing about a time when I receive lots of comments to my daily babbles and I'll probably ramble on about that somewhere, but for now, let's just do what we do here. Daily updates. In case it matters (someday, right?). So what happened today. :)

The pattern of waking after noon continues as the pattern of writing and reading and enjoying the night all night continues. After waking I continued reading the Behind the Candoor blog and smiled about most of life ten or eleven years ago. Then I showered and headed to Curly's for cards. I was distracted and rushed my food during cards so I was even more distracted and bloated which left me uninterested in cards or anything, but I played. We broke up as we usually do just after midnight and I played Ruzzle after I got home, then came here to update.

I see why this could be easily ignored lol lam :)

You want more? :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sometimes Just Eh

I enjoyed softball tonight, though it is too brief as I want more socialization and more exercise, but I hit well, pitched well, and we won a game. We found out that they ruled the game rained out last week a complete game so we lost that one. Rain decided our rally came too late. I would be quite sad without softball. Jackson was there playing with her team so we chatted a few minutes. It's bittersweet to see her for so many reasons, but she's family and I would rather a few minutes now a couple of times a month and semi-daily texting than no contact at all.

I helped Curly with more yard work today and the backyard looks much better. The weeds are cut, the whole area is cleared, there is a back-up space to turn the car around, bricks and logs bordering the fence and septic tank area, and with a few hours more work, some serious bug spraying, and a couple of chairs and table and it will be a cool backyard space. For now, it's the parking space I will use when the front spaces are filled by the other neighbors guests. My space, nobody elses for now :)

So it's not all blah blah blah, but some days are just eh if you know what I mean.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nobody's Home

I am not sure if Curly and I did some yard work today. I believe we clearned the backyard (as mentioned in tomorrow's entries (hey, I'm catching up... where were you? :) ). Pushed to exhaustion once again after moving heavy logs, stones, and then blowing out a large pile of mulch, I thanked Curly for the exercise and for the nice backyard. We then went to a fish and chips place and had some delicious fish and shrip and onion rings and cole slaw and I know, stupid spending, but it was so very yummy.

It was a holday, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another Tournament

Yes, another upper level softball tournament and I survived. Didn't even get hit this time. Losing helps. The other team does not need to try to knock out the pitcher when they are winning. I decided to buy a facemask. With accessories, over $115 dollars. The wallet choked and the budget director is screaming, but the sensible voice in my head saying don't get killed playing softball is quite happy. We lost all three, again. We are just not at the level of those teams in this upper division tournaments. Coach says we will get better. We might get hurt first, but at least I'll have my own mask next time.

The tournament, ironically, was five minutes from jackson's new place. Unfortunately she was out of town celebrating her neice's birthday and Mother's Day. Figures. What about me? Wah wah wah and all that jazz. After the tournament I headed to Excel and The Commodore's for dinner and Bridge. We had fun.

How about you? :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shhhh, I need sleep

Yes, so the day was busy doing something, but I forget exactly what. The evening was Friday Night Softball and we won 23-2 in three innings. We gave them the two runs by putting in a different pitcher in the third inning. Everybody wants to pitch against the bad teams, but nobody wants to pitch against the teams that might hit hard enough to hurt them. Frustrating, but boys will be boys.

Sleep needed. Softball tournament against the big boys in the morning.

Nite nite :)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ten Years After

This entry has nothing to do with the band of the same name, but rather the blog named Behind the Candoor that was two blogs back and at least ten years ago. I was reading through it because J recalled our meeting during that period and I became engrossed in my own babble, but even more, in the comments of the time. So much praise and even worship (kinda creepy at times). The online blog world can be a very strange place lol. :)

The day was busy with something too and the evening with cards and games. You can find more detail, though not much more, in the usual place.

Namaste :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Supposed to Remember?

A week after it happens, do you remember everything that happened on the day that was a week before today? An attempt at detail likely failed, but the primary event (or at least most time consuming reason I was not here) was a journey back through dozens of entries and hundreds of comments in one of the older daily blogs. Blasts from the Past can be so much fun, bittersweet wonder, exciting and misty all at once.

Working with Curly, playing softball, playing cards and games, that's most of life these days. It would be even more fun and wonderful than it is if I could afford to just retire for good and continue enjoying a liesurely life, but that is not financially responsible so there is underlying stress over draining savings (as there has been for so many years for a variety of reasons, primarily my giving so much, but that's another story for another blog... what I am doing babbling here anyway, aye? lol lam sigh).

If you responded, this would be more interesting. You must like it dull (nudge). :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lonely Nights

Some are much lonelier than others but the overall loneliness is still increasing as it has for many months (with a sharp spike just two months ago when Jackson moved out). I should acknoledge that so it does not lead to even more emotional eating and downbeats than it has. We can all get depressed no matter how well our child inside has adjusted to the solutide of this life. Lately I may be seeking the limits of sself-indulgence again. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. Or with me, even.

Meanwhile, today was up and down and up again as I delayed my planned departure for the car dealer to take care of the oil change that was required fifty miles ago and spent too much time online instead. No, I am still not job hunting in any routine manner. After the earth-shattering discussions online (sarcasm for meaningless), I headed to Curly's for Tuesday night cards but the 20 minute trip took an hour, at least, because of traffic. Frustrated, I ate hot dogs and felt bloated all through cards. But cards was fun even more ssubdued than I usually would be without the bloat. I must stop the emotional eating, eat healthier food, and cut out the sugar drinks. Do it or be stupid, so there.

Arriving home I played Ruzzle (becoming sort of a nightly ritual) and collected my 100 gold coins for winning last week's tournament. If only there was some point or meaning or value to it all, aye?

No worries, we shall survive. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Missing Pieces

Feeling the missing pieces of the puzzle of this life more intensely these days, the lonely hours after coming home. No one to share dreams or sleep or waking or the quiet of the night. Sigh. Today was another waking late day, then some internet, then some yard work with Curly, then some softball, then home again home again rooty toot too. The game was stopped by lightning and the umpire said it would start right where it left off. Some players on the other team disagreed (they were leading by two runs on errors we made the previous inning and we were coming back when the lightning siren went off). We shall see what is decided next week. It's a rip off if they don't let us finish because they could have when the lightning all clear came and we were still there.

That was the the day that was. For more babbling, you know where to go (even if I didn't link, right?). Take care of you.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Softball Sunday, Next to Last

Yes, just one more week to go after today. We won 19-3 as I pitched lights out and gave a few runs in the last inning. That's my way of leaving the other team with a good taste in their mouths. It often works as they can feel like they never gave up. After softball I headed to this week's local sponsor bar and hung out, not eating this time. Wise choice. Home to food and a nap and then wandering the web reading and commenting. This summary closes the day and now, sleep. Hope you had fun too :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bird in the Hand

Long day, fun day, more day than a body deserves, perhaps, but a good day. Though on just a few hours sleep, I finally woke and drove to the fields to play softball with the seniors. It was mostly fun. I headed home and napped for two hours, then showered and headed to Siskel's house. Siskel is a softball friend (Sunday league, not one of the seniors). Siskel drove to Busch Gardens (Tampa) and we had much fun getting drenched and riding coasters and eating dinner and walking miles. And that is a brief synopsis of a very active outdoor fun day.