If You Think You Know Me

If you interact with me in the physical world, please read this (thank you). You may think you know me. I hope you do, but after reading random (or even recent) entries in this blog, you may have doubts. I share those doubts, so we have that much in common. Most people, throughout this life, find me too honest, too critical, too open in expressing my opinions, likes, dislikes, and some even find me judgmental. I've found I define many often used words very differently than anyone I've ever met. I've also found that most people, when they come close enough, do not want to stay in the acute focus of my openly expressed observations.

I've been told that my honesty is a defense mechanism, a way of holding people at bay, of pushing people away, and even of being cruel. I know there is no intent to harm in me and if that is how my communications or actions are interpreted, I wish those feeling that way and anyone seeing negativity in my words or actions would care enough to explain their perspective and ask me what I mean. Rarely does anyone do that and I question anyone who judges without question. I welcome you to explain to me how honesty is cruel or wrong.

This blog might have well been called Naked In Public. I am out here "in public" because I welcome, in fact I long for someone as open and honest as I am. Failing to find someone in this life, at least so far, I write my understanding of my experiences for anyone to read in the hope that someone will come along caring enough to want to know everything about me.

If we do not share everything as truly completely openly and honestly as we are able, how can we truly know each other?

If we do not truly know each other, how can we truly love each other?

If we do not truly love each other, we are just waiting...

perhaps even wasting time.

Why are you here?


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