Monday, September 9, 2019

Remember This If You Read Me

This is where I come to write the story of my life, in so many words, with my own perspective, in my own way (sometimes with added creativity, musical references, obscure,distracting trivial, run-on rambles that may appear ridiculous while usually disguising some profound message just for you, the odd tangential parenthetic asides, and assorted sundries). It is selfish and self-centered as it is seen through my eyes. I do not come here to paint pretty pictures or sell anything to anyone. I do not come here to make friends or be polite or please anyone. I do not come here to follow any courtesies, etiquette, or politically correct rules. I come here first and foremost to release any emotions I am feeling into words, to try to make some sense of any confusions or unpleasantness or negativity, and ultimately to rise above any obstacles to my natural sense of security, peace, and happiness. If that offends you, don't read. If you care to read, then care as you read. Caring is a verb. Caring is working toward a positive goal. Caring is accepting my process and appreciating it's outcome, which is almost always a smile and often a harmless giggle, maybe even a joyous laugh at the unnecessary drama, now resolved within me. Writing a little more may prove that, or improve it, even. :)

Seriously (repeated for emphasis cuz it's important to me, and hopefully it matters and makes sense to you), especially if you share some physical space time now and then, if you are offended by anything you read here and want to pick a fight, please don't. You have that choice. I will do my best not to respond to provocation or any negativity unless I have a positive response. If I have no positive response, I will do my best to ignore negativity. If that offends you even more, I hope you find a way out of your loop. I will do my best not to enter it.

If this does not make sense or somehow does not sit well with you, feel free to tell me why.

Positively, if you will (remember what happens to negativity around here?)

It is your choice, but I offer this advise: Don't set us up for failure.

Honesty, peace, and happiness, unified and balanced, is my goal.

Harmlessness and kindness, combined and balanced, is my intent.

Hope that comes through and peace prevails.

So what else is new?

Narf :)

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