Saturday, September 21, 2019

Wake Up Working

Yes, my job is 24/7 and sometimes, work is needed during the hours most are off. I generally put in 60 hours a week and don't get paid enough for it, but loving the work is more important than money (I keep telling myself that and I've believed it wholeheartedly most of the time through this life... we shall see if I still agree when I am too old to work and only have retirement income to survive on... the old, very sad, joke {cuz it's not a joke} used to be old folk eat ca food, but cat food it pretty darn expensive these days... stay positive and death will solve all of life's challenges soon enough... did I mention that my sense of humor gets me a lot of awkward glances lately?... no really, I have the T-shirt lol).

So on the phone, on the computer, sending many megabytes through Office 365 (on this laptop, that was a neat trick), and now, what? No food, radio. Reaching for the TV remote, I find Jupiter, a new show about Jupiter (I generally frown on assumptions, but... lol). Ah, another British narrator. Do Americans make any non-fiction shows that are not news or political anymore? What an ignorant country we've become. That will be all he political commentary for this entry, we're one our way to Jupiter. Sit back, buckle in, and enjoy the ride.

Following the ride, we will be exploring more Marina and the Diamonds.

May you make the most of your day.

Narf :)

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