Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hospitalalus Interruptus

Another day at work at the desk tapping out more and more stuff, following up on incidents and emails, pushing the people who need to be pushed to do their job. I didn't get everything done, but it was another good day in spite of the subtle passive aggressive interference, but I'll skate over that and hope it does not become a wall... or a cliff. As the day was in it's last hour, Helen called and asked me to take her to the hospital. I left work early and headed to her place and took her. Three hours later, I left her in the ER expecting to be admitted. Not an emergency, but not planned. So hungry, I stopped at Wawa for a sub and a quesadilla both with all sorts of extras. Yum, calories bloat, but yum.

What was your day about?

Narf :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hours of Filing

Yeah, that's right. While listening to TV, much of it the Grammy Awards which seems to go on forever, I have been doing my best to update the text file that will eventually update the table of contents blog. That's the blog that has a link to just about every page I've put on the web in the last eight years (all the records before that are on paper in storage... I recall I reached 30,000 titles somewhere in the mid-nineties I think). Aanyway, that's what I've been doing. The Grammy show was pretty good at times and downright sucked (it's a music business term) at times. Trump fans must have hated it. Some odd pairings and mediocre voices if you ask me, but hey, more power to the success music gives the talented and the talentless.

So what have you done?

Narf :)

So Why Not Just Write Here?

I mean at work. After all, there's a decent chair, a desk, and I can turn on the TV if I want to. Cable. I suppose it would be frowned upon if I started sleeping here, but dinner and TV? I can still do a little work to make it legit. And so it goes, another day at the desk with a whole lot accomplished. Three documents prepared and PDFed and emailed to the Team (Committee if we're being formal) and then, a 38 page Powerpoint presentation to introduce the team to the purpose, function, activities and soul of a Safety Committee. Yeah baby, we doing good. Also have the website up to ready-for-viewing, though still not loving it due to format and not knowing how to design as well as I'd like. The essentials and more are definitely there though. The most productive day at work in a week or few, but then, the past week or two has been waddling around rather blindly. Got work done, but just kind of in idle creatively. Good to have a really excellent creative productive day.

How about you? Hope it was good.

Narf :)

Mitochondrial Infarction

Whatever it means I am living proof of the origin of the species as the government (as if this momentary lapse of reason excuse for a government might know of such things when they deny even the basic layman science after all)) or spirituality, even, it is a mad mad mad mad world, and then some, but what do I know, I just woke up and didn't get enough sleep, again, and still the craving for sharing compels me to come here and drop these words, for whatever mean they might have for you or anyone, upon the unsuspecting world and cosmos and posterity with complete disregard for grammatical convention or decorum.

Good Morning, sunshines.

Narf :)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Some Games Are Like That

We had the win several time. The first and third batters swung at ball four with bases loaded in two different innings with the game tied and we played double overtime, two extra innings. I was the winning run on first and once again, a swing when a walk would have pushed in a run and the game was over. The young egos just don't understand patience wins as many games as hitting. Errors, ah, so many errors behind me that would have ended the game too. We gave them at least two thirds of the runs they scored and oh well. I went 4 for 5, just missing a game winning hit down the first base line in the next to last inning. Two more guys came up and golfed pop ups. So anyway, that was the game. 24-22. Gotta love softball.

Stopping at Steak N Shake for two burgers was unwise, but suicidal eating habits seem to be my plan these days. Alas, I fit in with the fat-friendly American culture so much better this way. Nobody notices, nobody cares, they are all fatter than me ya see. Such distorted body images. My 29 BMI is nothing compared to the 35-50+ all around me. I am close to no healthy people. Fat is in. Aren't you gonna laugh at my funeral with me? Gotta love food.

Come on, it's only life.

Narf lol :)

Where Aren't You Now?

Right here, for one place. Where you aren't now, that is. Yeah yeah, I don't mean the one or two silent old friends or blog family, I mean the people actually who think they know me in this life. I just felt like making that point and pointing it out as I stop by here for a few minutes between work and softball. It's been raining on and off. Work was the usual desk stuff, gathering more information, developing ways to track the information, emails and paperwork and blibley bop. I stopped back here around 2PM for lunch, the leftover half rueben sandwich from Metro Cafe, in case you wondered. Then, back to work for more of the same.

Now, off to softball in the damp, chill... hope the rain stops.

Narf :)

Just Before Work

Squeezing in some writing just before work because I slep more than 12 hours, though broken by at least fur bathroom breaks thanks to the kidneys and the BP meds, and still waking groggy and achy and you can read more about it in the details, you know, and wishing someone was here to laugh it all off with me (and motivate me to eat better and care more and wah wah wah lonely stuff). Life is still more fun than anything else I've tried. You?

Make today fun and rewarding and healthy and loving.

Even if you are alone.

Narf :)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

So Much Tired

The aches are numbing, the breathing is shallow, the whole abdomen and chest feels sore, the brain wants to stay awake so I am not up all night, but the body just wants to lay down and sleep. This is the result of two nights partying and not getting to sleep until almost sunrise and waking today for softball practice and pushing the body during practice. And age. It should feel much better tomorrow lol.

Nite nite.

Narf :)

Car Naps

Running from party to softball (or work to softball) or vice verse leaves little or no tie to drive home to change or shower or eat or nap, so I thank Harpo for the use of his bathroom a lot and I nap in the car for an hour now and then and this morning is one of those times. I had the field and the time of practice wrong in my head so I woke three hours before I needed to (and really need the sleep, alas) and drive twice as far as I needed to (the car really needs it's servicing) and here I am finally at the right field with an hour and a half to go before practice starts.

So Nite nite love you.

Narf lol :)

And Four AM

To Be, you know...

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another Saturday

Saturdays can be the loneliest day of the week, though Sunday can be just as bad, especially after softball. Eb is watching Rizzoli & Isles, a show I got into because it was one of Jackson's favorites. I miss watching TV with someone. I miss empathic sensitivity too. So I just sat around since waking after noon, watching TV and uploading new content to my Facebook Pages and here's a taste of the content worth viewing. I miss sharing my words and creative endeavors with someone so much it aches.

Soon I will eat a bit and then get ready to head down to Harpo's for dinner and games.

Wish you were here... hope you are having fun wherever you are.

Narf :)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Microsoft Killed Lenovo

Yes, MS killed Lenovo and every other company making small computers by giving them Windows 10 and then within the warranty period, making those small computers obsolete. So I turned off Windows Updates. So I will no longer consider this computer secure. So I need another computer for anything other than blogging. I want to save up for an Apple, but that might be a while. I will hope Kaspersky continues to protect my personal information in spite of the lack of Windows updates. Except my Atari ST1040, I've known no other OS since Win3.1 and it is sad, but finally time to leave MS behind.

Meanwhile, the day was as most days are, work, then food, then play.

You know where to find the details.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sixty-Four and Murphy's Law

Sixty four degrees with the thermostat set at 60, but frustration and fatigue were washed away as I put a pot of boiling water on the stove and stepped into a hot shower. Cleaner and warmer, I washed the two dishes I left in the sink as the macaroni boiled (you ought to know where to find the food details by now, even if they seem unappealing or even gross to some of you, there's a place for them... us too). After the food was almost done, I washed the pot and the kitchen pipe exploded flooding the cabinet and kitchen (Murphy was here, no doubt, aye?). It almost ruined dinner, but I ignored the mess and ate my food to the distraction of The Outer Limits (please stand by). After food, I used two towel to mop up most of the water and threw the towels in the water and went to bed. Sleep, finally, before midnight.

Softball tomorrow, good night tonight.

Narf :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Is This Monotony?

So I go to work and sit at mydesk. Sometimes I do other things. Sometimes I get out of the office, but not lately. The chilly air and the work I need to do is keeping me at the desk. I love playing with the computer, but it feels a bit monotonous. Sitting at the desk mjjjjjjjjjju (I was cleaning the keyboard) most of the day today. More data, more working on the instinct that I need data to present at the meeting. A tornado exercise in the morning, everyone discussed where to go in case of tornado. Making sense of the data, that's most of the day. Garbage in garbage out so there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

Then, stopping off for food, junk food from the dollar store again. Stupidity continues to be strong in this one. Seven dollars worth. And now, The Outer Limits, again.

Did somebody say monotony?

Narf :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Work and Searching

Did you see yesterday's entry? Well, almost the same. I didn't get that project done for the safety committee, alas, but I got a few other things done. Watched a webinar. Had IT train me in the county website so I can set up the Safety webpages. Did a little training, investigated a few incidents, a few more things. Spent the evening listing and glancing up at The Outer Limits while sending out dozens of messages to roommate site people... still hoping.

Sigh, just keep hoping.

Narf :)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Work and Softball

That's Monday around here. I'm not feeling as productive at the desk as I want to, but I need to focus and prepare some information with some impact and meaning for the first county-wide safety committee I will be chairing in less than two weeks. Do something profound tomorrow then, m'ok? Yeah, so maybe I will. I still enjoy what I do, I just want to make the Committee work and to do that I have to get the team to believe it can do something good. So do it, uh-huh. Meanwhile, 18-4 in seven innings. All four of their runs came in one inning on errors, I had practically complete control of their batters. I went 3 for 4 in spite of fatigue. I've been hitting so much better than last season since returning to using my bat again.

It was a good day and an even better evening. The Outer Limits keeps me company.

Narf :)

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Yes, eating too much is now going on the record here in this blog world and I challenge anyone to care or read or whatever. Life is sharing, after all. And the links spread their wings.

Today started out early, but I went back to sleep and then woke and headed to the fields for Fun Day, the semi-annual try-outs for the Sunday league. I help rate the newbies and sort them into the playing level they belong (so they don't get hurt playing against better players until they become better players). After that I met Tinman and his mom and daughter and Sarducci for lunch and then we went to Tinan's place to watch football and then I returned here and ate dinner and watched more football and then I wrote and now, here we are. Early day tomorrow, so bedtime for this bozo. Hope you had fun today (and ate healthier than I did too).

Narf :)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Relax, Enjoy, Eh

Yeah, the babbling daily blog may show more of the eh, but the relax and enjoy is just as real and much more fun. The Outer Limits on the TV is keeping me amused and slightly stimulated, at least mentally. The electric blanket is keeping me warm. After assessing the ridiculously poor eating habits and the body's reaction, I went to lunch at the German restaurant with Helen and her mother and had more meat, potatoes, bread, and madness. Delicious, if suicidal. Eb has been doing laundry and used the oven to warm the house until he went out after dinner. I am going to sleep early tonight because I have early morning softball practice tomorrow. Then maybe lunch with Tinman and Sarducci.

Quiet, peaceful day, wish somebody was here though.

Narf :)

Waking To 74 Degrees

The oven has been on with the oven door open. Not sure if he was cooking, cleaning it, or using it to warm the place but for the first time in months it is warmer out there than it is in my room. I am still wearing two layers below the waist and at least four layers above. I lose track sometimes. Slept in this with sports knee socks, circulation in feet and legs feels squeezed. A lot of text messages came in on the phone already. Tinman answering my text from 11:00PM last night, Chase telling me my credit card is over the limit again (so much for increasing savings this month), A few messages from Helen, the last telling me she and her mom may be eating lunch a half mile from here. I had the wrap and fries for dinner about 9:00PM, a snack at Harpo's around 3:00 AM, then $6.51 worth of Taco Bell food at 4:40 AM and here is an opportunity for more social food. Emotional eating is part of it, but poor choices doesn't help. 500 calories a day for a few weeks definitely would. Salads and cooking at hoe to save money definitely would, if I had a home. Yeah, finding a home would too.

Good morning, aye? lol.

Narf :)

Just Keep Pushing

Sometimes swimming is not enough. So I dragged around all day at work. I felt bloated and uncomfortable in the body and generally tired and malaised, if that is a word. I did not feel like waking when I woke in spite of more than 8 hours sleep but I pushed through all the way to five PM even though productivity was lower than usual and it was a four day work week. Then I dragged this body to softball. Two for two and a walk an a 23-6 win later, I still felt lethargic but pushed on to the local pub where everybody knows your name and ate a wrap stuffed with shrimp and sweet potato fries. I was suddenly more awake again and went over to Harpo's after that and played games until after 4am. Go figure.

Go to bed now.

Narf :)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Cold, Tired, Achy-Breaky Too

A long day of feeling poorly in spite of more than eight hours sleep. Body bloat reaching maximum proportions, 230 pounds fully clothes with full pockets (keys, phones, wallet, five layers, heavy jackets, and more stuff). Considered not going into work, but eh. Yeah, I have a work eh-thick. Back here again to use the bathroom and change clothes. Fifty six, that is 56 degrees in this space. Showers here suck, being chilled all the time sucks, getting down about the living conditions sucks. Wishing somebody will come along to save me (or at least share, if not want to share space somewhere bigger, cleaner, safer, warmer, more comfortable, and homier) sucks. So stop, m'ok?

The place is amazingly clean (relatively, compared to it's usual state).

Layered up and off to softball now.

Narf :)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Never Surrender, Or Something Like That

I've got a towel wrapped around my head in Arabian style and that is tucked into the heavy cotton bathrobe rich person style and the flannel pajama bottoms awake the next dressing and the heavy slippers keep my feet warm and the electric blanket is spread out on the air mattress on high a big pot of boiling water cooks spaghetti on the stove as I took care of my needs in the bathroom including a long-as-it-would-last semi-hot shower and the temperature is now 57 degrees in the place. Spaghetti and shrimp for dinner, saving money so I can get out of here as soon as the right roommate or place comes along and I am just not gonna let this get me down.

I've been camping in colder weather before :)

Narf :)

55 Degrees

That is the temperature inside this place I live. The thermostat is set for 55 degrees. It is currently 49 degrees outside. It will be in the mid-30s all night. It was 25 degrees last night and the high today was 52 degrees. Eb is insanely cheap. My nose is running. He has a guest from California here. I am not sure how to warm up. This caught me offguard, but I suppose he is making up for yesterday evening when he set the thermostat to 70 degrees for the first time because he had guest over (it is usually 62-64.... I was just getting used to that... I didn't shower yesterday because he had guests and tonight it's just too cold to shower... maybe... caught me by surprise on the coldest night of the year, he drops the thermostat to 55 degrees). I've got to get out of this place.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sleep When You Are Able

I got back here after another standard day in orbit, I mean at work. Out of the office for the morning, stopped for lunch to eat at my desk, desk work the rest of the day. A truck hit a drain pipe at our building so I went down to coordinate the emergency responders who somehow send fire and rescue instead of a simple patrol car. Some filing in time. People seem to love to panic and scream and feel helpless and believe in some bright lights. Eb had his campaign meeting tonight so I laid down and fell asleep and slept five hours. Sweet. He actually cleaned the place, the bathroom smelled like pine, the first time in a year. I'm hungry.

Where are you?

Narf :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On Into The Same

The same days ding the same things doing the same dance pulling the same strings... So some desk work then some me time and eating (here, more spaghetti) then some field work then some other work then back to desk work and once again, the last one to leave the hallway. While out in the field, Jackson texted to express some frustration. I offered a solution and all is right with the world again. On into the same old same old story, love and glory, and all that jazz.

Back here, once called home today just to expedite communication, Eb cleaned up a bit because tomorrow he is having a campaign party here. He's running for some local office, I forget which. I learned how to use paypal and ate more spaghetti and added some hot dogs and watched some TV and here we are.

Wish you were here. Wish someone was here.

Narf :)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cook, Clean, Cuddle

Well, not quite cuddle. Not in this place. Still, I did actually cook in that I boiled water for the first time since moving in here last March. Spaghetti, not from a can. So I am stuffed. I cooked two pounds and ate one pound. Topped off with my usual stuff, unhealthy as all get out. See the food blog for more (what?... food blog?... pay attention son or you'll fall behind, I say, fall behind). I did six or seven wash loads as well so now everything I have here is clean, almost. I didn't wash all of the work clothes because Eb got home, but I have enough clean clothes for the week. I didn't exactly clean either, but I intended to. I did clean one of the stove top burners so I could boil the water. Yeah, cuddle.

If only you were here to share.

Narf. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Need A Home

Somewhere to go to sit back and relax. After a two day softball tournament when I just want a soft recliner or couch to sit back on, a hot shower to soothe my tied muscles, a clean warm room to est in... I am here, living like a refugee in a dirty uncomfortable cold place. But the softball tournament was a lot of fun in spite of the very low temperatures, poor food, and dangerous field conditions. The lonelies pound down now, the usual affect after softball, especially a tournament.

Narf. :)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bipolar Emotions

Not bipolar disorder, but the word bipolar does not only apply to the psychological label doctors give people with a variety of symptoms. No, everyone experiences bipolar emotions. Find your own examples, I'm too tired to explore the possibilities. I focus on mine for the moment. The mental and physical exhilaration of satisfying taste buds and food cravings while releasing all sorts of wonderful feelings from chemicals in the brain at one extreme and the sadness that comes with the knowledge that it is a suicidal pattern at the other. The pleasure I receive from playing softball, the camaraderie, the group experience, the many dozens of hugs and kisses I shared today, the genuine joy in sharing time and activity together at one extreme and the aching, sometimes bitter loneliness when driving and arriving at my little room alone, no one to talk to, no one to phone. No one to know the aches and pains and strains and extremes to which I pushed this aging body - or the multifaceted feeling of being alive, awake, energized, and celebratory on every level except the shared experience of exercise, recovery, and being alive in these physical forms we call human bodies. Falling asleep feeling so alone is torture for a child who lives to love and care and help and share.

Every night.

Oh, but what a wonderful day it was. We won our first game ever. We won our first tournament game ever. And for a few (relatively, the day was almost 12 hours long) wonderful hours, people actually shared and cared. I shall go to sleep soon because we have another game to play at 9:00 AM tomorrow and I must stop for a brake light bulb for the car on the way which means I must wake no later than 7:00 AM and it is already after midnight. I shall do my best to turn my mind off to the smothering ache of loneliness and smile at the day ahead and the day that was. It is still torture for the child inside.

In case it matters.

Narf :)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sudden Silence

I don't know what I did today tomorrow is another day and everybody doesn't play or have something to say. Sometimes silence is so loud it overwhelms a screaming crowd when people notice there's a shroud they are not proud. A species that soils it's nest will be extinct before the rest and ignorance is bliss and best be not confessed so call it blessed and fear being undressed. The world, no doubt, has gone insane invaded by the human brain thinking every wild thing is tamed but dead is not tame it's not a game no one to blame but everyone... a crying shame.

Good day, better night. Checked off some important things at work. The softball. Triples, doubles, I hit the crap out of the ball. Pitched shut down softball. We won 30 something to 4 or 5. Yes, two triples. Could have had a third, but I didn't want to rub it in. Walked once. Kiwi's for dinner with a few teammates. Quasadilla... black bean, extra cheese, onions and peppers and mushrooms. Side of sour cream and salsa. Yum. Finished half a beer so the person drinking it could get out of there and home. Got a few kisses on the cheek and lots of hugs for it. We have early games and a very long day of softball tomorrow. Nite nite

Narf :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Blowing Up Bloat

A whole rising crust pepperoni pizza with eight ounces of extra cheese and a little less than a quart of whole chocolate milk and a bunch of M&Ms for desert. A slice of leftover pepperoni mushroom onion pizza as an appetizer. Bloat. The day was busy busy busy. So many things left to do this month and it is approaching half over way too fast. Last night lingers light a ghost not knowing its time to move on. Tonight the bathroom has been getting way too much of my time. The Tuesday night CBS shows show up on Wednesday nights on Hulu, so that filled the evening. And food filled the body. The contest is which organ will explode first. Come early and get a good seat, it's gonna be fun fun fun till the end of the world.

Narf :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another Missing Day

Another busy desk day at work, accomplishing much, sort of. I suppose I should give up and stop trying to create my own stamp on the job and just be an extension of the boss since that is what he wants. I was the last one out again. They really do make it challenging to become part of their little clan. I often get the vibe that they don't want me around. One only talks to me when she wants to tell me to do something and it doesn't matter if I am in the middle of doing something, she expects me to literally drop anything I am do and jump. Having no real office doesn't help. Maybe having to walk by me every time they want to go to the fridge or microwave or lunch table or files (all in my shoebox office) is uncomfortable for them and they'd rather me not be there. Anyway, I hope to keep the job in spite of that challenge.

Dinner with Jackson after work. I forgot the last time I saw her. I sense we are not honest with each other anymore. Maybe we never were. I won't tell her how much she hurt me. She won't tell me what is really going on in her life. Everything's fine. So human. But yummy expensive sushi. Then hug. Then love you. Then bye. TV. Then sleep. Then...

Narf :)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Busy busy busy

An Alabama player is out of control and, the refs let him get away with it, then they had to call an un-sportsman-like conduct on him, then his teammates had to restrain him as he started pushing one of his own coaches. Spoiled overrated team losing their cool, I blame the elitist treatment the SEC and Alabama gets from most of the college football world including refs. Go Georgia, beaten by Auburn, you know, the team undefeated UCF beat. Just one undefeated team in the county, but they got the shaft by the elite SEC and their supporters. As did the Big Ten conference, who went 7-1 in the bowl games. The overblown SEC went 5-6. As if eleven out of fourteen teams deserved bowl bids. Bottom line is UCF as more right historic precedent to the right to claim the National Championship than most teams had to claim theirs, including the two playing tonight.

Oh, hello lol. Busy day at work, ran home for lunch and bowel movements, created an investigation training for managers, watched the boss do a training, headed to a doctor's appointment, no news is good news, he took blood and will give me the results later this week. Off to softball (stopping at Harpo's to change), tough loss 14-13 in the bottom of the last inning, then back here for food, TV, and the faux-championship game. Yeah! lol.

What are you up to? Come on down :)

Narf :)

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Three full hours out in the 40 degree morning on my feet practicing softball. Oh yeah, did I mention I did not sleep last night? Some doozing or dozing may be happening as this entry rolls along, slowly. The local team, Jacksonville, is playing their playoff game and it is on in the living room so I am standing to watch it so I don't fall asleep. Hunger calls, even togh I stopped for six of those roller-food things at Racetrac. The body definitely needs more, muscles are cramping. So I ordered pizza and wings and eggplant and cheese (much much more eggplant and cheese that way for $4.99, rather than ordering it as two pizza toppings for $4.00). Much better now, though the cough is demanding more lozenges, alas. Eb ordered a sub and I brought my chair and table into the living room to ea there. Watching the second game as I type this now while Eb plays his video game and listens. Doing a wash load so I have cloths for tomorrow night when Monday night softball begins again.

Did I mention we won the Saturday league championship yesterday?

Wish the one (or you, if you be friend) was here.

Narf :)

Must've Known

That I would be awake all night and head out to softball in a few minutes in 40 degrees without any sleep? Yeah, I should have known. I've been sitting here typing and looking up reference websites and getting my Facebook Pages and even popped out four Tweets, which is three more than I tweeted all last year and, well, politics makes strange bedtime hours. You can find linkage and much more detail and references in the usual places. So what is going on in your world this fine Sunday morning?

I'm off the the church of softball... pray I survive in case it matters.

Narf :)

Woah, Like Serious and Shit

Oh dear, was that too much for the brief and generally PG daily blog? Well, blame it on Sarah Silverman's potty mouth. But than her for my good mood in spite of political talk at the party, political crap on Facebook, and scheduling two dozen new posts on the loneliness page. You can see the details in the usual place (do you really still need linkages?) in case it matters. Fun party, a bit of a scare when ... passed out and someone called paramedics, but all is well for now. Hopefully it was just a bug or something (Hope it wasn't whatever is kicking my immune system into high gear). Tinman insisted I be there, so hopefully he was right. I didn't cough or sneeze all evening. We had barbecue dinner and I drank mountain dew (the caffeine helped) and it is time for sleep. I have an early (8:00 AM 40 minutes away) softball practice in the morning. The temperature is expected to be 40 degrees or below. Fun. Sick. I told you my mind thinks it is four years old ad my heart (hense the lack of concern for the body) feels forever seventeen (hence the hopeful enthusiasm for fun and all-nighters and finding the one and friends), right? M'ok.

May you sleep well and dream of whatever gets you high, hot, but not bothered.

Narf )

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Good Day Sunshine, But Cold

Ok, so not cold, but chilled to the bone cuz I was out playing softball and the temperature was around 50 degrees an the body is officially Floridian now. Not having the proper northern sub-zero clothing anymore doesn't help, nor does not having a hot shower to hose down, clean up, and warm up either. This doggon head cold sure is taking it's toll as well. Wah wah wah, where's my nurse? I just wanna say Hello (who gets the reference?).

Meanwhile, the good news is softball. We were behind all game and went into the bottom of the seventh down 17-11. We came back and won 18-17 and that gave us the regular season championships. Unfortunately, the county doesn't give out T-Shirts anymore, which sucks cuz I like my collection of championship T-shirts, but it felt good to win another. From the field to the party, a belated Xmas party at Tinman's place, and ho ho ho - Happy New Year.

Hope you're having fun too... tell the one she's missing everything, well ya?

Narf :)

Woke Hacking

Yes, I woke hacking at first light. That's a reference to coughing, not computers, so as much as I tried laying there and falling back to sleep, the plan to sleep until noon is not working. So I wrote a bit, watched a bit, and then showered as well as I can here (the water is not hot enough to clear the sinuses and wake the body, yet one more luxury I was accustomed to for most of this life that I've given up in recent years, much to the detriment of the body and mind). I left the $1 store cough drops in the work car, so I have none left here which means I either take a ride to the store or try to subdue the cough without lozenges. Since I just showered and have wet hair and it's under 40 degrees outside, going out is not wise but neither is hacking a sore throat and bloody nose and so on.

Good morning, how are you?

Narf :)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Head Cold Ho

So what I got for Christmas in my stocking was a raging head cold. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping without a blanket or sheet in a 60 degrees room while it's been 30 or less outside at night and there was no warming up at all for the past week. The martyr syndrome will kill me yet. Like I am waiting for someone to prove they care and won't care until someone does? Been there, did that, not the first time. Anyway, it's reached a point where coughing is tough to stop because the nose won't stop running in either direction.

Work was more work. Desk stuff, but spent three ours outside solving a mystery. Well, not really, but I investigated a claim by a citizen that a pothole caused two flats and bent his rims. He had to have been speeding because the depression in the road as just about an inch, maybe an inch and a half. I watched dozens of cars rolling over it without any damage to their tires. The veracity of the citizen became moot when I discovered the hole was the result of a contractor not filling the cut they made in the road when they laid new water lines. It's the contractor who will decide what to do (pay the guy or go to court). He'll probably pay.

Back here for dinner, canned pasta and chicken, then TV.

In case it matters.

Narf :)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day By Day

Just kind of hanging on for now. The body is fighting a head cold. The thermostat is set at 60 degrees inside. The thermometer read in below 30 degrees this morning and tomorrow morning is supposed to be colder. I should have bought a space heater, but I am sitting here with three layers on and my feet under the heating blanket turned up to high. I sincerely hope I don't die. This has motivated me to write to more potential roommates on the roommate site. Stretching the limits of the guesswork and random chance taking that he site offers.

Meanwhile, work was work. It's too cold out to work outside, so desk work again. Sitting way too much for my buttocks, that's for sure. Monday I have another doctor's appointment and I must find a primary soon after that as the pain and bleeding is not better. Canned pasta for dinner again. I need to find a new place, a new doctor, and a new perspective. Again.

Any day now.

Narf :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day Three, Day Two

"My father always said 'never trust a person who needed something from you.' But he also said he 'never met a person who didn't need something from someone.' Maybe that's why he never showed his heart."

How I can relate, but enough of that. It's probably day one too, somewhere for some reason. Work at the desk, though I left a little early to stop at the bank for rent money and the store. I am coming down with a cold, fighting it, so I stopped to pick up a new sheet set and a comforter, but bought a heated blanket and new sheet set instead. Hopefully I will not burn up overnight. 59 degrees when I got back here. I still needed to take a shower so I did. I turned the heat up to 67, but it was only 63 an hour later. I am bundled up, watching TV, and will hopefully be asleep under a safe electric blanket very soon. Hopefully 'll survive the cold coming on inside and out.

In case it matters, ya know?

Narf :)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Back To Work

Two three day weekends in a row. Lots of parties. Fun fun fun. Still, not enough time off and way too much food. Surprisingly, there's still no one here to hug when I get home from work. No one to share a meal or some conversation or whatever. Definitely no one I can relate to or who can relate to me. There's Eb, strange fellow who is simultaneously a video war game junkie and a wanna-be politician who is running for local office. I'm into neither. It is 60 degrees inside because he saves money on heat. I am tired and cold.

Work was the same. I went out to a meeting mid-day to discuss the emergency plan for the county. At 1:00 PM we activated the EOC and the libraries will be day time places people can come for warmth and a non-profit agency will provide shelter 5:30 PM to 7:00 AM along with a light dinner and cold breakfast. Yeah, cold breakfast. If the shelter becomes full, another one will open a another place with volunteers from a big church. he health department will provide emergency meds. Some other contingency plans are in place as well.

People around here are not used to freezing temperatures. Many do not have the clothing, especially the homeless, so government has to provide. I am nodding off. To sleep, cold, tired, lonely, to dream of warmth and companionship.

Narf :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Back to Whatever

Watched Sara Silvermann's I Love You, America and then, back to The Outer Limits again. There are a lot of episodes as the show was on for seven years. I've seen most of them at least once. I am really loving Sara with a new respect. She is actually sending out a message that is at once trying to bridge the gaps between people ad maybe save the Jews from another hate-filled attack. Hopefully her message will get across to people. Unfortunately, she's only on Hulu and the vast majority of people will not see her show or hear her message, even if they wanted to. Perhaps it is irony that The Outer Limits is often about the very people who would like to kill Sara and all of her people.

A new work year begins again tomorrow. I should sleep soon.

Anybody out there?

Narf :)

Crappy App

The good (fantastic, amazing, stupendous, wonderful) news is UCF, that's the University of Central Florida, our local Orlando team that is the second largest student body in the country, won the Peach Bowl, which is one of the six New Years Day bowls in which the top twelve teams in the country play. UCF is the only undefeated team in the country, but it not respected enough to be in the championship series where four teams play for the championship. The team they beat today beat two of the four teams playing for the championship. Yay UCF.

Unfortunately, the App letting me stream the game lagged a lot. I can steam CBS and Hulu shows with nearly no lag (maybe one reboot in a six hour period). This ESPN app simply froze every ten seconds, or less, after the first half. At least I watched and listened to some of the game. And what a game and what an outcome and Happy New Year! :)

Narf :)

Wake Up, Try the App

The alarm just went off and it's time to try out the app on the laptop. Click Click Click, and voila, it works! I can actually watch the game on the monitor I have hooked up to the laptop. It's a wondrous thing. The radio on the iheartradio app has a sportcast too. This is going to be a fun afternoon. Sad, because I don't know any fans to text or cheer with (and Jackson is gone from my life, except fr an occasional text so I suppose I'll text her once or twice, but I don't expect anything in return anymore, sigh, sucks to lose family)... still this will be exciting and I am hopeful UCF will stay undefeated.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Narf :)

Appy New Year

One of the old friends at the party I just left gave me his cable TV information so I can try to log in and watch the UCF game and other games later today on ESPN. We installed Apps on my computer and phone and I was able to stream ESPN and lots of other stuff. Appy New year, get it now? We also played a game where the goal was to make up puns. It was a fun night, the usual, food, friends, and games.

Anyway, UCF tries to stay the only undefeated team in college football in a few ours so I am going to sleep now.

Hope you had fun too. Miss you.

Narf :)