Sunday, August 20, 2017


Not as if I have any major life changes to share because as open as I am to change, no luck tonight. So I went to Helen's house and hooked up her new camera system and hung out a while, then we went to dinner at the new fried shrimp place (Stonington's) and I ate two dinners because I love shrimp. Then we drove a bit and stopped at a Baskin Robbins for a hot fudge sundae and then I drove her home.

I headed back here after dropping Helen off and called Harpo on the way and he told me abut a birthday party for a friend and so I filled up the gas tank and headed back to where Helen and I ate to visit with the old game group friends. I stopped for cake and pie and water and we played games and had fun and that's the way it was.

A couple of new people were there, but no sparks, just fun.

Narf :)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ok, Then (episode whatever)

Yes, I suspect "Ok, Then" was the title of another entry in this blog and perhaps many entries over the years and definitely was the start of many a writing session, so alright (as in let's get serious or at the very least seriously or seriously, now, which would likely be a step up (or a set up, depending on perspective), but before this turns into something like that, let's figure out what I came here to write, m'ok? Cuz I won't give up, in case it matters. :)

Time keeps on slipping (repeated as necessary, even as nauseam, ad too) and we keep drifting farther apart, or closer together, depending on perspective. So much depends on perspective, after all. In fact, probably everything, but then, superlatives are such potential trouble we should leave them for lovers and the mad among us). So where did the time go?

Tuesday went to work and softball, the usual pleasant work and frustrating softball... Wednesday went to work and dinner and Jackson, the usual pleasant work and delicious dinner and the usual wonderfully frustrating Jackson though this time with more hope and eye contact than usual... Thursday went work and long conversation with Harpo while waiting for the dinner time to start at the chinese buffet and then sitting in the car waiting for the torrential rain to subside and the dinner and semi-bloat and then hmmmm, some writing to J and TV and sleep, perhaps... MOT training at work and lots more and hmmmm... not bad hmmmm, just some the cloud of hmmmm that comes when memory fogs, usually because sleep comes early... Friday went to work and medical appointments for me and banking for Jackson and then dinner at home and TV and impulsive snacks a movie and sleep... that brings us to this morning.

All caught up and nowhere to go. Friday night and Saturday softball is on hold until next season, so last night was lonelier and more whatever than usual (and Eb had a dinner guest he did not tell me about which cramped my activity a bit as I did not want to dress to walk past them to the shower and had nowhere I wanted to go outside). Today is anything I want it to be and I want it to be quite, restful, and peaceful and so it is so far. Later I go to Helen to help her set up new security cameras for her house and then dinner.

So what's up in your world? (let's catch up someday, m'ok?) :)

Narf :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Too Sleepy To Explain

Too excited to complain. So do not neglect to click on this previous post because I am too tired to continue the frolic that has been evident here in our little blog world lately and we don't want you to lose your place in line or get lost, after all.

I ate breakfast and lunch and no dinner. Work was fun and productive, once again. I cleared my desk again, this time without dumping everything onto a shelf behind me I'll clear those shelves one of these days. Softball was fun, though the lightning shortened the game, just when I was about to get up to bat too. Boo. We won though. Yay. I hung out talking to the field director about an incident report and then to friends at the fields after the lightning warning was lifted and the next games could get started. And then, another new blog maybe more revealing (and real) with more clarity than ever before. I think. I believe. I have faith. I feel. Many more links will surely be added when I am more awake and have more time.

Remember - do not neglect to click on this previous post because the frolic must continue if you are to enjoy it all. I wouldn't want you to miss a morsel.

Narf :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Had Enough Yet?

This entry right here in this link thing is deemed too important not to mention again so I shall mention this entry right here in this link thing again and encourage, nay, urge you to click on the link thing and visit (or revisit) it because it is deemed too important not to mention again, or miss, ye too. Yes, but here we are already covering up that entry linked right here with this entry you are reading right now. Unless you clicked on one of the link things and are reading that entry right there in this link thing right now, in which case I'll wait for you to return.




Are you sufficiently inundated with profundity now? Perhaps you neglected to click on the links within that entry right here in this link thing that is deemed too important not to mention again because the links within that entry right here in this link thing are part of the journey too important not to mention again so go ahead, I'll wait.




Had enough yet?

Well, the fact is there are entries written this week in this blog that are keepers and if you miss them, well, you missed some important puzzle pieces. All brevity aside, it's been a revealing week for some reason and if you want to read more about it, the detailed blog has many unfinished entries waiting for you to read and learn and encourage finishing. I'll just leave these links right here

Meanwhile, today was another fun Saturday of softball and dinner and conversation and madness. This right here is the brief daily entry you may have come here for. What?

Narf :)

Never Ending Ending

Isn't that what what life is, in fact, even more than a never ending beginning? Anyway, even if I did not get to else in the last babbling daily (which might be considered profound in some circles at some point in time in the near or distant future or past {I mean, can you imagine ants pondering such thoughts?}, but that is not even close to brevity so out, dang parentheses, and carry on daily).

What?... oh yes, today started early because last night ended early because fatigue of the week and a big bowl of pasta alog with some more Family Guy teamed up to bring slumbers. Writing was first thing on the agenda, yay, so maybe I did not need to completely define the else after all... at least not yet. The else paragraph along with many links was inserted into (is this more details than brevity allows?), well, you know where... and a long letter to J occupied much brain resources and then a shower cleansed the body and here we are, all squeaky clean and updating this daily life blog.

Yesterday was a good work day, as most are, as I might say in a previous entry that I might write sometime later. Softball is on the near horizon, then dinner is likely, then who knows. Fun, no doubt. May your life be fun of satisfaction, adventure, and fun too.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Spiders In Bed

Ok, so the previous entry tried to subtly send you to this entry which is the most recent in a long line of unfinished entries that attempt to distract me from the unpleasantnesses of living in this ghetto and it usually works and all week I've been getting to sleep early and waking early and eating right until tonight when I stuffed my face and emo-ate and then when I finally laid down to sleep I felt something crawling into my shorts and jumped up and found a spider in my bed and so I sprayed poisonous spray all over my sheets and pillows and the floor all around the bed and now I sit here waiting for it to dry considering eating some more and I must be awake in four hours and have a softball game tonight, I think, and I will do my best to have good day and pay well but fatigue will be a challenging opponent and it is time to fumigate this pig sty once again (this room is not, but the rest of the house is) and maybe spend a night in the car or somewhere so I don't kill myself with the poisonous sprays and how was your night?

I really was making the best of it and enjoying life until a moment ago.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Missing Pleases

Sure, maybe I meant missing pieces and then again, maybe I meant something else and maybe I'm just so lonesome I could cry or worse, but bad movies and the end of the world as we know it, distracted entries, or whatever doesn't stop the time from passing and passing it did so when I find time again and fill in the gaps, who knows.

Another typical day in another typical week, fun work, fun, work, fun work, and work is fun too. Lonely at night though and the heart scream please help and the body is tired and screams please sleep and I fell off the wagon again tonight and the belly screams please stop and I supposed I am missing those pleases (please laugh).

Narf lol lam :)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Here Again

It would be nice to be able to say home again but then I would have to feel it and I definitely do not feel home again so I am here again, but I have not bee home in a long long time. Deep? Profound? Maybe. Whatever. It is what it is. Good day though.

This morning included a lot of writing (see the details for more, ummmm, details) and then the afternoon was filled with a few hours of softball (in the extreme heat again... I survived) and then I picked up Helen for dinner (outstanding) and then we chatted a while and then I headed to Sarducci's for a party in honor of three friends with birthdays this month. a fun willed day and evening and night.

Hope you had fun today too :)

Narf :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Still Learning

Yeah, so that thing from yesterday was expanded slightly and now I just want to lay down and rest until I fall asleep. Especially since I have softball tomorrow night if it doesn't rain. Life was pretty much the same today. Fun at work, differently (conducted defensive driver training and got good feedback), but still fun. Ate lunch at the chinese buffet. So much for not eating out, that's two days in a row. Yesterday was not a great experience though, today was much much better. Stayed late to get more work done. Hope you had a good day too.

Time to jump on to the air mattress.

Narf :)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Later Than Intended

In case it matters, this is where I was for the past couple of hours and it still feels so wonderfully peacefully good in spite of the fatigue cramping the neck and closing the eyes. It was another fun day at work that included playing with Excel charts and formatting then for printing (Excel still rates very poor in that area) and lots more. Softball was great except for one inning, alas, and the Tuesday team scored only 6 runs again and that is not going to win a lot of softball games. It is a mixed up discombobulated team, but we might have fun in spite of it all. I signed up for next season.

Paid rent, which nudged the thoughts of getting out of here and paying the same money or just a bit more for much more space, cleanliness, and amenities higher on the mental ladder once again. I intended to get to sleep earlier, but the writing was just so much the right thing to do (even if the words are ignored).

Make yourself happy as I make me and you will be one happy you. :)