Saturday, April 20, 2019

Attention Please

I am not so subtle sometimes in my desire for attention. Do you Facebook?... I do. And I do a lot more, but really, does anybody notice? There are thousands of likes and followers on some of my Facebook pages, but nobody writes to me, nobody calls, nobody comes around her eto leave a comment, nobody lets me know they are there, no less care. So I feel alone, longing for attention, wishing for caring, sharing, and just a little love. There's a lot to choose from, somebody must related to something I put out there.

Silently, at least. I'll just go on choosing to believe that.

Narf :)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Did Facebook Lead You Here?

If Facebook lead you here, or even here Iwhere you should go to read more, if you have not already), then I encourage you to visit here because while there is much in this blog you are reading, there is much more in the written gardens on the web that I have contributed to and I'd love you to explore my small universe before you move on to others.

You could just look around this blog for a while, if you want snips and snaps of the daily life of the writer behind these words. Elsewhere, you'll find more creativity and imagination and while I don't claim any of it to be gems worth high praise, I do enjoy myself as I use words for play, therapy, communication, and art (or a sort). Previously, in the last chapter, almost seven thousand entries of daily life, therapeutic catharsis, venting of foul gas, and creative play spanned almost a decade. this blog is a child compared to that, and there are generations that came before that too. Beyond the life-oriented blogs are a lot of themed and random meadows, forests, and other terrains o wander through. I hope you have fun on your journey.

I don't visit Facebook much anymore. After many years of fun, it's become way too politicized and I don't like the sides of humanity it brings out. If you try to reach me there, I may miss your comments or messages. Feel free to talk to me here, or anywhere in my web worlds.

Thanks for visiting - make today fun!

Narf :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

After a Pause

I felt like writing tonight, even though it was well past 2:00 AM, and I have a to present and conduct a training exercise for the senior management and elected officials tomorrow, and I did not feel like sitting up for a few reasons, but I did anyway because, well, I felt like writing tonight. It was not good enough for bullsugar (bullsugar) and too long for funda funda, but I obviously wanted to record the journey of this writing life (oh really? {maybe}, maybe I'm wrong, or not... huh?... oh, how I miss the music, and the music lost {so incomplete}, and most of me {or is that the me I used to be?}, who knows), in case it matters, in case you want toknow, you know? So much laying down and playing the mindless game,whatever it's name, and softball, and work, and so little private me-time, and yet, it's more ok than it has been in many years (so is it just that I have nothing to gripe about? lol lam).

Ever the rhetorical sort of self-serving fool that I may or may not be, I am resting.

Happy as I can be alone, budgeting aside.

So how are you?

Narf :)

Monday, April 1, 2019

So Much Better At Home

Yes, the life I was hoping for, though not as private as I'd consider equitable or even fair, but definitely much better than it started out here or has been for years, is happening. Relative comfort (at the current income level) and though I paused in the unpacking and sorting through boxes, partly because I am finally relaxing, but also because I am still not sure this will be home after June as the lease needs renewing and that is still not confirmed and just this weekend I found out rent may go up, grumble, and all that, the relaxing is good. Th health is better than it has been in at least a year. Amazing what a little de-stressing, comfort, relaxation, and self-care can do. It's a wonderful life, again.

And TA is showing his true colors, and they are kind and gentle and caring. Maybe not a rainbow, but still an excellent roommate. Live and let live, respect, and positive interactions. All the stress over the crowding and slow clearing out of space for me is dissipating and I am moving in more comfortably, especially psychically and emotionally, every day. Relaxing so much, I'mnot even uploading and writing less than I have in a very long time. Maybe it's time for some catching up, starting here, starting now. Yes, I can confirm, life is good.

Now if I can only find someone to fall in love with again... alas, sigh, giggle, and so on.

No joke, even though I remain an April fool.

Narf lol :)