Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here's the 411

The time, boy, pay attention son (boy's about as thick as a brick at the bottom of a dry well). Meanwhile, here's an entry for later just in case I actually fall asleep and dream of, well, you know, love, love, love (everybody now). The fact is, this month will reach 100 entries if I don't die tomorrow and that'll be the first 100 entry month in... more than 2 years (omg, since Jackson move out... let's not read too much into that, but this is the first time I have lived relatively alone (we don't have to count Eb since we seldom interact) and did not have 100 entries a month many times. There is the fact that I am maintaining two daily blogs instead of one and regularly writing in other blogs as well (just see for yourself, why dontcha) and I even started a few new blogs (at least) in these past couple of years (oh dear) but really, I am shocked (oh my) I didn't overindulge myself before this here (it's the environs, they poison, honey). Maybe I have and nobody noticed. As if it matters (wait, I mean... in case it matters, yes, the more positive spin, right). Egads! Have we hence commenced with the babble?

If ye see typos, blame the blurry eyes.

Still, it turns me on...

Narf :)