Thursday, December 5, 2019

Another Long Day Into Night

Slept in, almost, all the way to 7:30. Woke, dressed, and headed to work. After a few hours I headed home to poop and shower. It was a challenge to get out and a challenge to get down. I actually had to help it manually at both ends, more work getting the toilet bowl to swallow than to get the body to let it out. What a mess, which is why I came home so I could shower after. Naturally, this should be in the babbling blog, dirt, drama, and details, but, here we are. Tuned off? Maybe you don't poop. Maybe you don't talk about it. I wish you well. Life goes on.

I headed back to work and prepared or the big annual meeting I conduct, then took care of some other project related business, communicated through emails on more routine safety tasks, then conducted the meeting. Almost no one fell asleep. I could have wrapped up better. As well prepared as I was, I found several presentation tricks I will use next time - if - I find the time. After the meeting, more project work and got home at almost 8. Tired and hungry, but definitely know it is time to drop the weight and take a break from food. Two cans of soup and a bag of shrimp with some spices, butter, and a touch of ketchup. Spices and fat, but much less than in the past week. Cheetos and dip as a side was probably not the best idea, but... I wasn't ready for cold turkey. You may recall I never really liked turkey hot either.

Craving chocolate now. No chocolate left, alas. Hopefully I am too tired to go get some.

So how was your day?

Narf :)