Sunday, October 20, 2019

To The World

I sent another message to the world trying to introduce myself (and not just seduce myself lol) tonight. Not that just about every word I write is not a message to the world and the universe and life and everything, but in this case, I used the pen pal site. I kind of like that profile, so I welcome your critical eyes on it. Feedback is food, ya know, that's the feed part of the word.

Jackson and Brandi bought an outdoor TV and lounged around their pool at their new house watching football today. I am so jealous lol, This place and TA are just right for me, but a pool would have made it even sweeter. Still no elliptical, I am a foolish lazy-bones. The excuse that "nobody cares, so why should I?' really sells well to the self-destructive part of me. Speaking of that part, the pig-out Italian food weekend is capped with two huge seriously chocolate milk shakes and there is still a chocolate mousse desert in the fridge. The next two weeks will be 500 calorie days, mostly, as the November 1 goal was to be under 170, but I will be ok with getting the body back under 180 again. I really love food and don't want to eat less, so elliptical and more exercise is the wise move. Never claimed to be wise all the time, ya know?

Will you swing on a star with me tonight?

Narf :)