Sunday, December 16, 2018

Wasted Days and

You know the rest. Except for the unplanned dinner party Harpo invited me to last night (excellent gourmet foods with a very wealthy crowd... oh, the chocolate truffles... the odd thing was Harpo never mentioned these friends he knows for years that he sees once or twice a year for a holiday dinners which pointed out to me how we really do not share anything below the surface, but that's another story and except for the bloat, it was an oh so yummy night Harpo has been hiding for many years lol), I have done nothing but lay around all weekend. No gym, no nothing, not oven laundry. I could go to the gym tonight( and still might), but it's getting chilly and if the NE-Pitt game isn't motivating me, I don't know what will. It's the old tired moving alone into the unknown lonely as the day is long blues, no doubt.

So I'll have to do some additional moving this week as the month is half over and I've moved maybe 10% of the stuff, if that much. Maybe I will rent a truck after all. The new roommate will not be there this week, so some privacy, though I'll have to deal with his truck blocking the driveway. This week, however, is a high-calorie low-movement football-watching party.

Wish you were here (or I was there, aye?).

Narf :)