Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ten Years Later

Almost twelve now. Even before the beginning of recorded time there was celebration of life, of love, of being... of survival. We left a myriad of fears behind along the way, sort of. Actually, we've buried our fears beneath superficial ritual and materials. The illusion of safety and security that money buys is just that, an illusion, but telling those immersed in illusion that they are delusional is like talking to a tree. The tree understands more than the people do.

In any case, within our collective delusions are designated safe zones of social contract, here, the internet is one of the most recent refuges from the dangers of life on this planet and youtube, a sanctuary for many, has brought me much amusement and distraction of late (see previous entries). There, the celebrations continue via audio and visual links and we can imagine it as sharing. One more layer within the many layers of illusions of protection from the full force of the conscious awareness of the larger reality of life on Earth.

All that to say that you are welcome here in my sanctuary, these written gardens, now formed into mostly blogs. As you've seen lately, I've reminded myself of my use of youtube as an alternative to TV for illusionary company as I spend time alone. I've linked to of my favorites in prior entries and now we come one of my favorite alltime net people who start on youtube when she was about 18 or 19 years old and is one of the most popular people in the youtube universe. She is well documented in Wikipedia by any number of her devoted fans and for me, her sense of humor (and she can be really brilliantly insightful) and is seen as some sort of reference, if not expert, on this thing called content. She deserves all the praise she gets.

I should have known this would lead to her and all this talk about making friends through the internet... hello? Is it really happening? Does an audience really ease the ache of loneliness? I wouldn't know. I may be the most prolific unknown person on the internet (where's Guinness?). Sardonic, sarcastic, self-deprecating, whatever you call it, I'm amused once again.

Anyway, thanks for the memories.

Narf :)