Friday, June 14, 2019

Slow Computer

The limits of this computer places limits on the blogging I do on this computer and since it is my primary (and best home) computer, the blogging has diminished, except for those rare occasions when I have the time to baby the machine and wait for it's slowness, but even then, the delays in page openings and words as well as limits on programs and browser windows I can open make for a dull boy, or girl, or gender neutral blog experience.

Today is an early day as I picked up the car before sunrise and will spend the day inspecting parks and libraries and other county places. I already had breakfast (shrimp) and since I stopped back here and sat down in the recliner for that, I picked up the laptop and waited for it to ramp up and typed these words. Maybe even more in the DDD blog. DDD, I wonder what you think that means if you have not been here before.

I hope you make today and wonderful and safe day in your life.

Feel free to interaction, I mean, you can, you know?

Feel welcome and encouraged.

Narf :)