Friday, June 23, 2017

Hours Later

I am still babbling and maybe it is worth reading (for me, it's worth writing and that is what matters most... you finding value in reading is the cake under the icing or the macaroni under the cheese sauce or the burger surrounded by the cheese and bacon and fried onions and bun. The last time I ate was Wednesday lunch. Zero calories today zero calories yesterday, 400 calories on Wednesday. I reached 200.4 pounds. Determination.

Softball, finally. After a month of rainouts, we played. It was fun, even though we lost. Someone else pitched the first inning and gave up 13 runs. I pitched the rest of the game and gave up two runs. Unfortunately, we only scored 10 runs. One of our players was so drunk he cut his hand and he wanted 911 called. They called 911. I knew the paramedics who showed up and they didn't take him to the hospital. Ambulance sirens and six paramedics standing around you is a way to sober up.

Jackson I inspiring some deep thoughts, or something like that. It is actually hours later than this entry is stamped, but you know. Work was good, life is good.

Hope yours is too. :)

Narf :)