Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Staying Safe

I picked up the car at 6:30 this morning and headed out to do my rounds on the east side of the county. Stopping at a couple of places, I spent a couple of hours walking Lake Mills Park to check the boardwalk. Sent a photo of a boardwalk issue to my contact at natural lands, the department that handles the park, and enjoyed the morning before the heat got too bad.

As I said repeatedly and again, breakfast was six slices of fat free turkey with a slice of cheese and I am still not sure if the cheese was Velveeta or 2%. Like it matters to anyone ut me lol. Yeah, so continuing the repetitive bent as if it will drive home the point, two protein drinks, one 160 cal the other 100 cal finished off in the morning meal. Progress when compared to yesterday.

This meal plan is what I intended to do yesterday, but work happened and I got sidetracked. I hoped to do this more often, Eat a morning meal, get morning exercise, eat a lunch, get more exercise, get to the gym in the evening, and have a very light meal after work. The last 10 to 15 pounds will be more challenging than the first 40. Will power is weakening, I can feel it. I just must remember that it is hard to believe I was almost to 230 lbs or more earlier this year.

I miss food so much. I miss Italian food the most. And chocolate. And massive buffets. And cheeseburgers. And bread in general. And butter. And ... ha ha ha ... a lot more. Once I am under 180 I will determine if I will go further and then whatever I eat will be smaller portions I hope LOL. I would really rather not go through this sort of strict calorie cutting again. Though I still am enjoying the food I am eating because I can compromise and have things I really love that have few calories. Thank goodness I love onions and other veggies but especially onions which are one of my favorite foods cooked almost anyway so even starts of softened and spiced in the microwave is delicious for me and that makes anything I throw into it yummy too.

Did you read all this already?

So I recorded this entry as I sat and cooling down in the car after the 90 minute walk and I am deciding where to head next for my next safety rounds. Did you hear the dramatic music and authoritative voice when I said safety rounds? LOL. OK time to get back to work hope you are having fun out there and staying safe. :)