Monday, February 29, 2016

Where we left off...

In case it matters, the last daily blog can be found here (it will open in a new window if you allow pop-ups for this blog... if you don't allow pop-ups, you can click here, but you will leave this page so I hope you wait until you finish reading and then come back to the present... the past is just memory, after all, and remains for those who care enough to want to know more than the present... if you do, wow, I am flattered and hope you tell me why you want to know more about this life I've loosely called mine... cuz why matters... a lot, even). Just so you know before you dive in, there are almost 7,000 entries in that last blog linked above and it spans a almost a decade of ups and downs and spin-arounds and (from my perspective) was a lonely period and the mood seemed to be getting kinda whiney and sorta crabby and a might complainy and generally yucky {these are all technical terms in the writing business used mostly by critics, though I still retain the right to be the happy child inside anytime in spite of outward appearance or critical review... it's the secret only a few of us remember and if you want to know, you'll just have to find it inside yourself... I might help you if you know the secret codes and spinal taps and look in the eyes, but that's another sharing for another time) and as there have been major changes in this life as I know it over the last few months, I felt it was time for a new blog.

As the links to the right will also show, there are about six daily blogs that started and mostly ended (every now and then a whim to update one comes along and I update them) over the last twenty years or so. There are also at least six current sort of daily or at least now and then blogs reflecting the many facets of life as it is lived and dreams as they are dreams and anything else in between and beyond. There are then about a hundred other blogs for various reasons and rhymes (sort of indexed here, again, copy and paste or go to the links on the right if you don't want pop-ups). If you want to know more, you can follow the links or simply ask. Recently, I had way too much time on my hands and started about two dozen Facebook Pages (currently frozen, but you can see them), again for various reasons and rhymes. As I do not write only for myself, I'd love each word I write to amuse, intrigue, or somehow please someone. Maybe you?

The links are here in case it matters, in case you care. Thanks if you do.

Enjoy life elsewhere if you don't.

I hope you do :)

Another Chapter

In case it matters, this is another chapter in the life of the writer of this blog who, for convenience and realtivity (relativity too, perhaps), we will call me. Eventually I will likely share more details about me than anyone will ever remember, or want to know (there's always hope someone will want to know everything though... helplessly hopeful romantics understand that) and throughout you are likely to find parenthetic asides that you might find distracting. If you don't (find parenthetic asides distracting), great, perhaps you'll stick around and get to know me and let me know you. We might even be friends. Friends are very welcome in this life.

Life is relatively constant change (feel free to expand on that definition and/or add different ones and if you ever disagree with me, feel free to share your views in comments. Preferably politely as this is not Facebook and I am not here to debate, encourage, or condone negativity. If you feel negative, I will attempt to help you find your positivity. If you resist positivity, I will ask you to be negative elsewhere. If you keep coming back with negativity, I will block you. I've never blocked anyone. I hope you don't consider that a challenge as that would really be a waste of time and potential). Some changes are almost unnoticed, the constant replacement of cells passing through your body, for instance. Some changes are profoundly ecstatic or trumatic effecting (or is that affecting?) your entire life or even the lives of many. Like falling in love or saving the world. Life goals. Yours?   With every change, there is a new beginning.

This is another beginning.