Saturday, January 20, 2018

Waking To 74 Degrees

The oven has been on with the oven door open. Not sure if he was cooking, cleaning it, or using it to warm the place but for the first time in months it is warmer out there than it is in my room. I am still wearing two layers below the waist and at least four layers above. I lose track sometimes. Slept in this with sports knee socks, circulation in feet and legs feels squeezed. A lot of text messages came in on the phone already. Tinman answering my text from 11:00PM last night, Chase telling me my credit card is over the limit again (so much for increasing savings this month), A few messages from Helen, the last telling me she and her mom may be eating lunch a half mile from here. I had the wrap and fries for dinner about 9:00PM, a snack at Harpo's around 3:00 AM, then $6.51 worth of Taco Bell food at 4:40 AM and here is an opportunity for more social food. Emotional eating is part of it, but poor choices doesn't help. 500 calories a day for a few weeks definitely would. Salads and cooking at hoe to save money definitely would, if I had a home. Yeah, finding a home would too.

Good morning, aye? lol.

Narf :)

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