Monday, January 29, 2018

Some Games Are Like That

We had the win several time. The first and third batters swung at ball four with bases loaded in two different innings with the game tied and we played double overtime, two extra innings. I was the winning run on first and once again, a swing when a walk would have pushed in a run and the game was over. The young egos just don't understand patience wins as many games as hitting. Errors, ah, so many errors behind me that would have ended the game too. We gave them at least two thirds of the runs they scored and oh well. I went 4 for 5, just missing a game winning hit down the first base line in the next to last inning. Two more guys came up and golfed pop ups. So anyway, that was the game. 24-22. Gotta love softball.

Stopping at Steak N Shake for two burgers was unwise, but suicidal eating habits seem to be my plan these days. Alas, I fit in with the fat-friendly American culture so much better this way. Nobody notices, nobody cares, they are all fatter than me ya see. Such distorted body images. My 29 BMI is nothing compared to the 35-50+ all around me. I am close to no healthy people. Fat is in. Aren't you gonna laugh at my funeral with me? Gotta love food.

Come on, it's only life.

Narf lol :)

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