Thursday, September 12, 2019

Woke Up, Got Out of Bed

I don't remember the last time I touched a comb, but anyway, 5:30 AM was more than a half hour before my first wake up alarm was set, but awake I was and I decided to stay awake. I think the ladder woke me. Now, an hour later, I played Merge Dragons for a full dragon cycle and I took care of work I needed to do between 6:00 AM and 6:15 AM. Shower and head out the door by 7:15 AM is all I have left on my morning schedule here at home. It is a DOT random pull morning. If you don't know what that is, maybe that's for the best, as privacy is paramount in the process. After that, I head to the office. Later today I have to pick up some temperature and humidity sensors at one of the Fire Stations and put together the data for a report.

Boss will likely have work for me to do on the major project he was handed. I'm not invited to the meeting on the project and that may be due to the fact that I have other work to do, but it does keep my profile low. Raising a profile with upper management is a dual edged sword and I wish I could believe it wasn't just his way of micromanaging and making sure he is the one people turn to because he maintains in-person relationships and I don't. The County Manager came to my office a few times about this project while he was on vacation and now I am out of the loop, completely dependent on his passing along information about the project. Could be the don't think, just do as you're told, style comes from 30 years as a cop. I adjust as we go, but upper management seems to seek me out when they want to and I try not to be too awkward when I am not sure of all the details they are talking to me about. I don't know if I am complaining or just settling my brain into acceptance of the way it is. Mostly the later, but I know there is a risk of being unprepared when someone else controls all the information and preparations on a project.

I'll buy into the protecting me from myself theory lol. I do tend to be too honest and apolitical with politicians, after all. I can appreciate that perspective on his control of my contacts. Could be partly his own insecurity in his position as he had no training or experience in it when he took the job. I think I am earning his trust gradually.

Time for a quick shower and out the door. Are we having fun today or what? :)

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