Thursday, September 12, 2019

Original Recipe

I am referring to KFC. I seldom eat fast food, though I have been known to binge in this lifetime. As a younger fool, I might eat a dozen fast food cheeseburgers in a sitting. Part of it was the novelty and low cost. Fast food burgers do not appeal to me now. I moved to a few specific items at taco bell as long as they made them with the extra cheese and meat I asked for. And every now and then I get a craving for KFC. Sure enough the week I am doing my best to semi-fast, TA brings a giant bucket of KFC into the house. The hole house smells like a KFC now. I'm resisting. I may go to bed. I must resist. With the kids here (unscheduled, not sure why, maybe mom had something to do), it's even more challenging. Yesterday I resisted the little one's birthday cake. And cupcakes. And M7Ms brought to my desk at work. And...

No wonder most Americans are obese. I shall not give in.

Narf :)

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