Sunday, September 29, 2019

Up, Down, And Annual

That's annual physical. When I got to the doctor's office the staff (she's a wonderful doctor, but her staff suck... Helen stopped going to her because they are so bad), the same staff who told me just drop off the annual health form and the doctor will fill it out based on tests I've had through the year, told me I had to have the annual physical before they would fill it out. They found an appointment for me for tomorrow after I said I've tried to make one and have been told in a few phone calls that I was too early the first time and there was nothing available the next times... so I'll just have to go somewhere else, like a clinic connected to all of my medical records, to get it my annual signed. The doctor's office is not affiliated with any of the hospital databases or my other doctors, unlike most doctors in the area, and they don't contact other doctors for medical records. That is my responsibility. As I said, the office staff sucks, but the doctor is worth it, I think... situations like this lead me to wonder). So I called my other doctors and asked them to send my records to the office (they claimed they didn't get them a few times previously, a couple of times they simply did not check the fax machine before my appointment and the doctor had to go out and ask them). Unfortunately, I did not fast in these past days since I found out my annual had to move up a month, so I won't be at 180 as I intended. I hope to be under 190, but will likely be over 190 with clothes on. Hopefully I will still meet all of the criteria I need to meet to get the insurance discount.

Anyway, stress of dealing with terrible doctor's office staff my raise my blood pressure, but they better take that into account or I will have to find an alternative doctor.

So how are you?

Narf :)

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