Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cravings Win Again

Ok, so I know I have a food blog, but here we are cuz food has become a dominant non-working thought for the past few days. Tonight, the give-in was to light butter and some sauces and spices, in which went shrimps and mushrooms. Not too bad, but definitely not the completely fat-free, carb-free, ultra low calorie diet. Part of me still wants more. I need to buy chicken, it's much cheaper than shrimp. I am apparently not done. I am cooking three hot dogs. Two 40 calorie dogs and 1 cheap corn dog. Which do you think is the one with the most calories? Yup, the corn dog has twice as much as both of the others put together. Then ketchup, like having another dog or two. Craving must be for salts ans sugars.

Another way too busy day I forgot food or drink or anything. Big meetings with the big people. At least Boss is letting me be invited now, the first two years I'd be out of the loop until he asked for things and then I'd have to try to see the puzzle without all the pieces and find what he needed with just a piece of the map. Good to be a little more trusted now.

What's up with your life?

Narf :)

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