Friday, August 26, 2016

It's Like This

I simply got tired of repeating myself (wow, finally?... no worries, it's probably only temporary) and restricting myself to brief just-the-facts entries so I let the babbler take over the daily blogging (as was in done in years past (and then some) and that left this brief "part one" of the daily blog set without the abbreviated summary of life it had gotten used to. Apologies to anyone who has not had time for babbling and actually missed these brief updates. Feel free to meet me in the back room for a quick catch up session. Or complain, I respond well to complaints (he says with serious irreverence). Seriously, though, if you missed me while I was away, thank you. I'm even more surprised than you. :)

So like many other days, today was sleeping past noon, getting online for some job searching, writing, Facebook, email, and other sundries (not necessarily in that order) followed by cards somewhere else. Slipped in between was a shower and other necessaries (as Rooster Cogburn might say) and other odds and ends all topped off with some more writing tonight. Yes, all that and you were not here to enjoy the excitement.

So what's up with you? :)

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