Monday, September 26, 2016

Softball Fail, Fun Night

Well, this weekend was tough again but ended well. Not hearing from the job interview has been stressful. We played at inferior fields and the team didn't show up. We played one player short and once again I had a catcher who could not throw the ball back to me which breaks the pitching rhythm. I decided to let the other team hit and the fielding was mediocre just like last week. We had a couple of players who play poorly and they usually sit on the bench, but not only are they playing every week but we added three more players who are as weak or worse and neither coach wasn't there for the game. It was a mess.

After the game I went out to the sports bar with another team and had dinner and fun playing darts. We hung out late and if I had the funds I would do it more often. I may have to write off this season for Sunday softball because the coach doesn't care and the team doesn't seem to care (I have a lot more fun with other teams after the games), but I will hopefully find income and hang out with the fun after games more.

How's life for you?

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