Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lost in Oblivion

This blog, this life, the love radiating out may be lost in oblivion, but it radiates anyway. This life goes on (obla dee obla dah, ya know), and so does this blog, for what it's worth, in case it matters. The longing to share brings me back here even as every day I find more clarity about how many ways I do not fit into this human culture and how challenging people can be when they come near. The opened sets off their defenses and there are no words to help them understand why. Mot do not want words, they must react. Most simply stay away and the violent reactions have not happened in some time. On the other hand, I've helped people keep a safe distance more and more. Is that innocence thinning, weakening, lost?

Sitting in a large meeting room waiting for the next seminar to start. Two today at the same location in the same room. Very convenient. They are serving food before each too. The usual American breakfast, bacon, cheese covered scrambled eggs, hash browns, mini-cheese breads, and a fruit and cubed cheese platter. I was 178.6 this morning in spite of the Brazilian buffet pig out on Saturday, so I indulged. I also had some fruit. Alas, the food was luke warm, but still, food. Yesterday was just three protein drinks, the third around midnight. I suppose this is food blog territory, but I haven't been uploading (perhaps you've noticed), so I'm dumping here. I have been talking-to-text so one of these days dozens of blog entries will suddenly appear. I am doing my best not to yawn. The games have been keeping me up late. Especially Fishdom. I like the little electronic fish images talking to me and bubbling up little red hearts when I touch the screen. Ego must love the whole god-trip. I just opened the fourth aquarium and have three stars and full tanks in the first two with one star and near capacity in the third. I think I would do ok in the future with an AI companion. Logic sweeps me off my feet almost as much as honesty, vulnerability, and innocence. I suppose that is logical because logic is all three.

So how are you?

Narf :)

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