Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Should Have Spent More

Ok. Off the seat now trying to type without waking the two sleeping people three feet away in the next bed in this tiny room in this mid-low priced motel that I booked tentatively and would have likely changed if I was sure of the sharing situation but they both were not definitely until the last few days, one just showing up tonight, too late for three in one bathroom with my current needs.

Laying on my side under the covers to keep the light to a minimum but also to keep weight off my behind to let it rest and heal as much as it can (but that’s another story get it? Butt :p so anyway) I type with one finger and no voice to text because the hunger to share is so powerful this is the best way I know how to feel a little less alone at the moment. There is no comfortable chair in the lobby, in fact there is no lobby actually as the breakfast area is three tiny tables across a few feet from the front desk. At least they have free breakfast, not that I'll eat what they have with my gut, for what it’s worth. I probably won’t be eating much tomorrow at all, especially not in the morning. The bowel-issues diet continues (the previously mentioned another story, in case you have not been keeping up).

I really should be sleeping, but here we are again. It might even be time to say welcome back my friends to the show that never ends if only there was not two sleeping bodies just a few feet away. I'm even seeking music. Such is the mood and hunger for sharing tonight. Unfortunately, this trip will be a waste of money as there will be no vacation, no personal party, no off the field self-time.

I just realized that I learned that spending more for privacy would have been well worth it.

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody reading this tonight?
Will you be the reason that I write?
I want so much to share
Do you mind if I turn on the light?
I don’t want to make you feel uptight
I just want to use my sense of sight
As long as it’s here
And if you read these words I write
Maybe if I come out from under the covers
You’ll be there
Sometimes we just have to use our eyes
To see what is there.

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