Sunday, December 1, 2019

Undermined On The Field

Another step closer, I am. That is, I am another step closer to the decision to find another team. There are a few people who fun to play with because they know the game and want to win, but others openly express happiness when we lose because they don't want to play anymore. So why go to a tournament? Once again other teams win because they have better coaching and management and we go home losers, pretending we did well. Delusional thinking is not fun for me.

Adding to the emo-challenge, the real physical challenge that travel and altering my schedule presents to the body. It makes softball follies minor drama and puts life into perspective (and points out how nobody really knows me, but whatever, while it would be nice to have someone care enough to stay close enough know, I have all of you imaginary friends, right? lol). I took the chance of changing diet and supplement pattern and sure enough, the blood is flowing. Sucks, especially since I changed insurance and don't want to go to specialists in 2020, but I probably should try to get into see the gastro before the end of the year. I'm trying to give the kidneys a year off and hoping they will be ok. The bleeding, however, I should follow up on in the next week or two.

Time to head out to the softball fields and hope... the best I can do is do my best and ignore those who would rather lose than move their body. Hope you make the most of your day too.

Narf :)

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