Sunday, March 26, 2017

Plans Best Laid

So I never did get back here (or to that other wind or the comments, for that matter) in spite of the inspiration from the world famous Dangerspouse, but here's a brief entry to maybe start the process of daily blogging up again.

Woke up, fell out of bed... showered and headed to softball. Did my ratings committee thing before and after my game. We won, but almost gave it away. We have a shaky team this season, as usual. Every season Coach just seems to want to start over. Anyway, I take it week by week and do my thing and we pulled out another win today. We only actually gave away one game, so we are 4-1.

Returned to this room, my temporary home, and microwaved some food. Eggplant and some meatballs and cheese. Eb (the new roommate... check About The People for some updates and clues to the changes that I have yet to catch up on) and I decided to push some conversation and even moved my chair into the hallway. He told me about his day and then actually started clearing the table. We watched an episode of Star Trek:NG and I retired to my room to check in on my consulting job, email, and found my way here.

I have been writing a lot, much of it in letters to J (thank you J).

More to follow?

Narf :)

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