Sunday, October 27, 2019

And Then, The Afternoon

The games were as usual lose, lose, basics forgotten, fundamentals ignored, I don't know why they insist on continuing to play a game they really don't want to learn. In any case, except for one, there's minimal drama (there's always one, it seems), so I don't look elsewhere (even though it's tempting). After the game, he long planned holiday cookout was, well, one bag of chips and side dishes. The grill master forgot to make sure there was propane in the grill and most other party things did not arrive either. Three teams did, hungry. Someone went out to get stuff and after almost two hours, arrived with some fried chicken from Walmart. Someone brought homemade taco salad, a lot of it, and everything was consumed in about fifteen minutes. A lot of extremely obese hungry people in the crowd. Softball players, as organized off the field as they are on ll. Laughter is the best medicine, though it probably won't help the large ones live to an old age. Credit them for being out there every week, so much better than sitting on a couch. An afternoon of distraction and I still need the elliptical, so who am I to talk, aye?.

After that I went shopping and impulsively spent $220 on stuff I did not plan to buy. TA is going half on $60 worth of the household items. Then, just as impulsively, I went to the Chinese buffet. Did I mention who am I to talk already?

So much misunderstood humor, no wonder I'm alone lol lam sigh :)

Hope your picnic was fun too :)

Narf :)

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