Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Misunderstood Humor

Speaking of misunderstood humor (see the comments too), I have almost given up on being completely understood in this life, but then, sometimes reality is more than lament, sometimes it is just real. So did you just hack me for some reason? Boredom? Curiosity? Did you want to know something? Why not just ask? Would you rather waste time alone in your room, empty life, listen to this (I am not Mr. Ed). No, you can't access my webcam, and even if you could, I am one of the paranoid who put a bandaid over the lens. Laughing all the way. Madness is not as haunting as reality. Some nights as sad, but most nights, the melancholy smiles. You could have known everything if you only asked. img, look as song number three (and I did not choose them, youtube did). You want more? Look at song number four. It's almost funny, you're killing me (smalls?... I never did related). At seventeen, I learned the truth.

Yesterday, when I was young... I wrote so many songs that were never sung.

Welcome to my nightmare, hope it doesn't scare you.

Laughing all the way...

Narf :)

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