Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Not Softball, Not Kickball, Not No How

Paraphrasing a once famous lion, I feel fat. Pasta and spices and soups, oh my. And no poops. Pity the fool. The references pour out, cup overfloweth, and I wonder.. is anybody here to appreciate, notice, know? Me and the tree, falling silently, forest is still, maybe it always will... be. Relativity. Creativity. Longing and calling, deep inside of me. Oh say can you see? Can anyone see? Being so free internally is an ecstasy for me, yet. Here with my love, I'm home.

As you might have guessed, softball was rained out Monday, kickball was rained out Tuesday, and will power was rained out all three days. Canned pasta was on sale and bought out all my will to drop under 180 so back over 190 the the body went. Aloneness is swallowing me and lack of sleep is draining me and TV and food are occupying, distracting, and destroying my good sense. It all sounds so dramatic, mostly because emo-drama is fun now and then. Time to make the donuts. Ohhhh, donuts.

Hope life is laughing with you, not at you, and you are laughing within and without.

Share, care, be well, be aware, honest love...

Narf :)

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