Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Body Aches

Alas, the aches and pains and infections are taking a toll and delaying more vigorous exercise which delays many other things and it is not good for the body, mind, spirit, soul, anima, ka, and whatever other names we might give the various aspects of this being we call the writer of this blog and me. But I do march on through the wind and march on through the rain cuz there is no giving up in me even when I feel like and seem like I may be giving up. Shhhh, don't listen to the fool behind the curtain. Challenges only keep me down for a moment or few.

Today I rested, hoping the infection in the leg will run it's course without antibiotics. A few hours on Facebook and the internet and then, off to Curly's for Tuesday night cards which was fun and delicious as usual. Additional information can be found in the usual place. Hope your day was challenging and fun too. :)

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