Sunday, April 24, 2016

Long Fun Day

I woke before 7am to get to the fields for the softball tournament. I was asked to be there are 7:30am because the first game was scheduled for 8am. I got there at 7:30am and at 7:31am the coach of the team texted me to let me know the tournament was delayed at least an hour. Last night's rain soaked the fields and the grounds crews were working on getting them in playable conditions. Apparently the rest of the team was notified earlier because no one showed up until close to 9am. Fun. That part of the day aside, we played all day and had much fun. I am achy and sore and have a huge bruise on the upper portion of my pitching arm after a batted ball hit me. Ouch. I survived and continued pitching. We did better than last tournament but the level of skill in this tournament is way above mine so there's a much higher risk of injury. I am getting more protective gear.

After the tournament I passed up on dinner with the team so I could get to Excel and the Commodore's place for Saturday night Bridge night and dinner. That saves money and lets me rest more. We had much fun tonight. Tomorrow there is more early morning softball so I really must find the unwind button and fall asleep.

Nite Nite Love you.

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