Tuesday, April 19, 2016


That is, cruising through the night on a good feeling and that is a good thing. After that great softball day there was a long night of words on and offline and then a long day of sleep on and offline and then another softball game and we rediscovered our winning ways as everybody hit (including me when they got me up to bat in the first inning which does not happen often since they bat me 12th... we won't mention the next two at bats though) and I pitched well against a very good team. Yay for us! :)

I had a hot dog craving on the way home so I stopped for food and stuffed my face with what is probably unhealthy meat and bread and grilled onions cuz I crave grilled onions from time to time. I crave knishes too lately and one of these days I will wake up and head out before the best deli in town closes (they are only open for breakfast and lunch) and get some knishes. Home writing again tonight and loving every minute of it.

The sun came out tonight :)

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