Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chest Pains x 3

So three times today, after eating a cracker and some spread, I sat down at my desk and felt a slight pain in my chest and the heart pounded hard and with each beat, pain, and I remembered that I used to feel this as a child and then as a teen and then as young adult and only now and then throughout this life after that. Maybe it is the extra weight, so stop the stupid, right? I had a sandwich and Doritos for dinner. I'm hungry. Work was busy today. I ate some breakfast foods they all brought in. Spent $55 last night and bought most of it into work for the monthly breakfast. Lots of food was left over and most took some home. I didn't, but I moved some into our fridge. I could probably fall asleep now. The kids are here. Recliner sleep might get interrupted, then I'll be awake half the night, and eat more. Maybe I'm just in a weird place I created for myself, like wandering into the tall grass (Stephen King isn't laughing, so why should I?). Another twelve hour day. Organizing the office real good has discombobulated the mind, apparently. Perhaps you notice the lack of organization here. Thoughts scatter, like the wind in the tall grass. The office, though, has never looked better. I wonder if anyone will notice. i wonder if it matters. It's as crowded as ever, but so much more organized. And lots of work got done. Here, there's food. Lots of food. I wonder how much longer I'll be alive. And if I fall, will anybody hear me? Some people take everything so seriously. Maybe most. Nobody takes me seriously, almost. Maybe for a moment then the moment's gone. Like dust in the tall grass.

Is there anybody going to listen to my story... before I forget to remember it.

Also a bit of throbbing just behind the right eye.

Narf :)

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