Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Softball Season End Banquet

The call it a banquet. I should have taken a picture. Five trays. Two fried rice, one noodles, one wings, one spring rolls. At least two hundred people. They didn't refill the wings or spring rolls so the banquet, after about the thirtieth person, was fried rice and noodles. Nothing to drink unless you went to the bar and then it was mostly ice. Did I mention the food was more than an hour late and served cool?

Meanwhile, we won a game today. It took me striking out a few players at key moments to end innings, including in the bottom of the last inning with the tying run on third. I went six for six for the day in two games, but we lost the second 22-1. That's more like what the season was like. That's what happens when an E team is put in the D Division. E Division is for where brand new players start learning the game. That's why I moved to help this team, teach new players. Unfortunately there's no support from the league and we don't have a strong organized coach and a few veteran players resist learning to play better so they get an attitude when I ask them to do the things we are trying to teach the new players. So we finish the season 2-12.

I asked about the Ratings Committee today, since I didn't hear a word and we should be setting up meetings before next season. I found out the Ratings Committee was working this season without me. Nice to let me know. It was a shitty way to find out I was not longer needed. No thank you for all the years of service, all the many hours I gave the league. Not a word, just cut me out of the message chain and invitation list. Meanwhile, I am shocked the ratings committee was active because the ratings are a sad mess. There are many players rated improperly and weaker players are getting hurt.

I stopped for a street sausage as I walked to my car, and wouldn't you know, it was not hot and the red onions were actually cold. Food didn't work ut well today. So I heated up a meatloaf sandwich and leftover lasagna and had leftover chocolate mousse. Chocolate milk. Much better. Now if I only had tomorrow off, I could digest all this starch and fat and move it along before more pounds pile on. Lots of food in the fridge for this week. Then Thanksgiving and a three day weekend out of town. I'll stop eating again in December lol. Merry Happy.

Narf :)

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