Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Softball and a Ton of Food

Oh sure, there's work, and plenty of it. Catching up on paperwork, mostly, a whole day of catching up on paperwork, with some serious office maintenance, sorting papers, filing of a sort, organizing project documentation, piling up the shredding. Not quite half done, but a major difference already. Tomorrow, I continue the database catching up and sorting and filing and so on. And the major security project that I've been riding herd on. Meanwhile, the evening was all about softball. Played on, watched two others. Everybody lost, but we had fun. The chill in the air brought me home to hot soup and hot leftover Chinese. Yum. Bloat. Burp.

Brief. Now, some TV as I nod off. Hope your Monday was fun too.

Nsrf :)

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