Thursday, November 14, 2019

Sleep? (or Pieces of My Core)

So here we are, and the night rolls by. Chips, chocolate protein drink (with extra Nesquik), and music. the first ten or dozen and then some. Make shift mix, nothing like what I used to do with smooth audio blends and serious messages threaded from song to song, but the first ten still reach deep into me to express pieces of my core. In fact, that's the name I'll give it. If I ever put quality versions on a well mixed CD. It is out there though, just me, out here on the internet for anyone to find. Just a dreamer treading water in a world that flushes dreams down the drain. A heart so full of love, there no room for walls or defenses. A mind too open to be accepted in this world. So here I am, hiding out on the internet, laughing, hoping, dreaming a base will find me and... you just need to know the song, but we'll make beautiful music together if it ever happens... comes to pass... magically actualizes. Wouldja, couldja, be my baby (hear the song, all I ever needed, and it is repeated, if you listen to the playlist liked above... when stars collide).

Some night are make for dreaming, but if you just dream when you're asleep, there's no way for dreams to come alive... so here we are, sacrificing the body and mind a bit, so dreams can stay alive and ave a chance to survive, to come to pass, to magically actualize.

Are you listening?. What do you hear?

Narf :)

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