Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday Slowdown

Nothing profound, exciting, or even interesting today. Just the mundane, the relaxing, the recap, and a little indigestion. Trying to slow down, at least. Eating way too much as I rush through days grabbing food as i can as I work on projects and not getting home until after dinner time at the earliest doesn't help because then I am ready to eat anything and the influences here play right into my weaknesses (Italian restaurant delivery last night, and a party sized store lasagna tonight). Tomato sauce and melted cheeses are right up there with chocolates the favorite flavors of all time. Unfortunately, I've been overdoing the quantities lately. December fasts are challenging, but I just may set myself on that track for as long as I can. I could dive into the past and use memories (so faded, they might not work) as I used to through the 16th, at least. That would be a great goal. We shall see.

Anyway, the kids are sick again, so the body is fighting the germs floating around the space. The little one wanting to touch all the food, including mine when it was delivered last night, and everything else in the kitchen, does not help. I guess I forgot that kids get sick a lot, not living with kids for the last two decades, but they sure do, at least several times a year.

Meanwhile, I am trying to write and give myself some me time, but it's a lazy distracting unmotivated day. Still no elliptical, which doesn't help. I am considering buying another laptop this week what with black Friday approaching. This one serves it's purpose, but limits my internet wanderings, music, and videos, and the influences and inspirations that can bring to the babbles. The babbles, alas, lamentations and condolences, in case it matters. Anybody out there?

I welcome some sharing... caring... hello?... in case...

Yeah, so anyway, happy Saturday. :)

Narf :)

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