Thursday, June 1, 2017

Busy Fun Blurry Fun

The eyes are blurry more frequently these days for a number of reasons (what number?... what does that mean anyway?). Sleeplessness, mostly. Busy life, cough interference at night, excess weight, high sugar, all the stuff making focus more challenging than it needs to be. Anyway, that's life these days. Don't wanna go blind, so do something about it. Somebody cares, right?

Picked up Jackson and Brandy at the airport and in spite of being ready to fall asleep hours ago, I am not wired, bleary blurry-eyed, but wired. They are engaged, after all. I contained my excitement as they just wanted a ride home, but they are engaged! Yeah, so anyway, a busy day at the office and much busier day staring 7:30 am tomorrow so I really should sleep. The cough is nagging, so I am sucking the intense drops. I am thirsty, but more fluids will just make it more challenging. The cold has moved into the throat and jaw and sinuses it is attacking the gums and so I must find a way to mouth-wash with antiseptic a few times an hour. And eat as little food as possible. A liquid diet would be wise.

Really, I'm having fun and loving life, just sick. Must focus on fighting this bug.

Alone. Again. Still not naturally.

Narf. :)

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