Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saturday Funish

Sleeping in is fun. Resting is fun. So after sleeping in and resting, I check the website and see the fields are still open so I headed to softball under growing clouds. I call the fields and they confirm games are still on. About two minutes later the girl from the park office calls me back and tells me they called off the games. I guess she looked out the window and asked someone. So I called Helen and we decided on dinner before my card game. I stopped at the store before heading there to buy yet more mouth medicines. I found two more cheap work shirts. Then hung out with Helen at her house until e went to dinner. Eating carefully, I left stuffed and headed to the card game. I finally won something, finishing in third place. So I ended up $20 ahead. Headed home and wrote a but and then, to bed. Fun, aye?

Narf :)

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