Monday, June 12, 2017

Food For Love

Alone, only sort of feeling sorry for myself because I don't necessarily want to go out anywhere and don't really want to be around people tonight because I want to be seriously serious and I've yet to find anyone who shares my seriously serious and tonight is not a night I want to try to find someone who does so I listen to reruns of Family Guy and stuff my face with canned food and chips because this is the first night in a week or more that I don't feel sick and the cold that settled in the gums finally doesn't hurt so it is almost gone but I will continue to rinse vigorously as I sit here typing these words to recap the day... worked, work is still a pleasure but that's what I did, worked, then came home and ate and ate some more and typed these words. I wish I could say I gave up food for love (I would) or even I was a food for love (makes sense to me) but I actually traded love for food because love failed me and food amazes me even it will only kills me in he end and I'd rather die for love and I do but all by myself seriously, what?... as if, right? and oh, did I mention I drank caffeine for the first time in a week?

Food for love.

Narf :)

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