Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Teeth Matter

Hopefully it is just temporary but I have mouth issues. I laugh as I think without u, they'd be moth issues but that's just me distracting myself with semantics. The cold, bacterial or viral, settled in the gums and pointed out the neglect of teeth and gums in my mouth and the remedy is tearing the mouth apart. Brushing is tearing away gum tissue. Peroxide, salt, and antiseptic rinses are eating away the dead skin and exposing the plaque and decay on the teeth. It's like a war zone in there. Hopefully I won't lose any teeth. The body s struggling.

Distracting, no doubt. Otherwise, work is wonderful and I am wonderful and if I can find my will ower again, the body just might survive.

How are you?

Narf :}

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