Saturday, June 17, 2017

Slippery Slopes

We really were having so much fun and along came reality to piss on our parade. At least I continued babbling of a sort. The lawn guy lead me to think about how Jackson is acting quite bipolar in reaching out needy one day and pushing me away the next and I am starting to wonder how healthy her relationship really is as Brandy has her shut away and my gut is starting to not feel good about it. Then there were shots outside and the party across the street broke up rather quickly after that. That lead me to realize I've been spending way too much and not saving enough and I am stuck in this place a while longer. All that brought the loneliness factor way up and luckily, sleep is calling now.

Sometimes we live on slippery slopes and wear uncomfortable shoes. I guess we either fly or fall. Hopefully we will all fly. Take care of yourself out there.


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