Sunday, June 4, 2017

More Tired

Because I am not getting enough sleep most nights and I am not getting any younger and I am still wide awake at 4am (in other words lonely and hanging on the hope that I'm alright... the links hold secrets, if you care) and the summer is returning again and playing softball in the afternoon heat is more challenging than ever (more fluids, more cooling, less stamina, less ability to cool down properly and the BP medication makes it even harder, pant pant pant).

Two games this afternoon, lost one, won one. Any win is surprising for this Saturday team as it is mostly new players making a lot of simple fundamental mistakes. I was oozy running bases in the second game, but continued pitching and held the other team who are good seasoned players. We would have won the first game against the best team in the league if we did not make so many errors. Fun, exhausting, fun.

After softball I showered at Helen's and then we went to an Indian restaurant we had been wanting to try and it was excellent. Appetizers and meals ran $35 a piece. We will try their lunch buffet one of these days.

After dinner I headed to play cards with the softball poker players. Still have not won (money goes to the first, second, and third place finishers and there are usually ten or more at the table, but it's fun. Today was expensive, but much fun.

I don't feel like sleeping now, so I will watch a movie on Hulu. Anybody want to join me?

Narf :)

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