Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Keep Coming Back

Living on this prayer, living on the hope that someone will care, la, la, la. Here I am again, wondering why, even though I know why and have explained many times (links are all around us). Still, sometimes I feel like it really doesn't matter because nobody cares and nobody will ever read these words and nothing changes. Still, I move through life changing steering my own vessel and mostly having fun. Enjoying work, enjoying play, most of all, enjoying myself. Wanting to share more personally, intimately, life, but still having fun inside and out.

Even if nobody ever understands. Physical exhaustion is rolling in. still awake, not fighting sleep, just longing for more sharing, for more caring for more. Kickball tonight, 8:30 pm game. Softball last night, 7:30 pm game and then I stayed to watch a few championship games on other fields. Good games. Late dinners, lotsa pasta. Little sleep. Weight up, energy down, too tired to play the clown, but still the smile is bigger than the frown.

Would you like to swing on a start?

Narf :)

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