Saturday, November 25, 2017

Local Fun

Today's scavenger hunt was fun. Met new people, a few old friends, maybe I'll see them again. The best thing about it was that it was local. Unfortunately, they are all drinkers. Laundry is spinning and food is heating up and I am spending a relaxing Saturday night here. Eb is gued to his new Xbox One. The living room is still blocked so I have to keep stepping over his stuff to get out the door and back inside, but he finally moved to a chair directly in front of the TV so I dont have to ask him to pause when I pass.

FYI - I may not have internet after November 30. Eb does not want to pay $70 for it. If I have no more internet here I will send check email and upload writings from work and the motivation to get out of here will be much more powerful as I will have no TV to distract me from this unhealthy living environment. Silver linings are good. He's still a very nice non-intrusive guy and I am still a few short blocks from work and nothing (room, house, or roommate) is appearing in my searching, so we shall see :)

Still having fun, even without the one. :)

So how was your day? :)

Narf :)

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