Monday, November 6, 2017

With Every Blog

Fewer readers. I had dozens of comments back when I came out of my original website and started this public babbling journey over on Diaryland. I had regular readers and commenters when I moved to Blogspot at first, but gradully I started another and then another and here we are. Nobody knows this blog is even her (go ahead, prove me wrong, you know it'll inspire an ear to ear grin) :)

I've said it many times in many ways here's one, human caring has its limits, which for me, makes it unreal. Love has no end, except in humanity. Maybe my pointing this out is why people don't hang around. Reality isn't what people want, unless it's fake reality injected with pretentious and staged drama on TV. That's how we got the reality star in the white house, dontcha know.

Anywyay, I had another great day at work and I'm about to head to softball.

Loneliness does not stop the fun. :)

Narf :)

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