Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Night Cravings

Six cans of soup, a can of chicken, two cans of salmon, and a can of clams. Dinner. The evening passes with some TV. Catching up on the week's CBS shows on what is a terrible streaming website (yes you, CBS), but you do have shows I have become accustomed to watching which probably calls for an entry in background tv but for the moment, have you seen the new Star Trek? A great day at work, again, just doing my safety thing by making friends and influencing people, naturally. Some days I do so many things that I don't remember what I did. Critiquing an Incident Review Committee report including statements, transcripts, policies, procedures, and more from he Fire Department so my boss can present our concerns to the County Manager took up several hours. The other three people in the department went to lunch with the TPA (third party administrator for our insurance fund) and I held down the fort... so I left work a little early and we're back to dinner time and evening TV again. Suddenly, a craving for snacks rose up from somewhere so powerful that I was dressed and at the local 7-11 (the only think open late at night around here) and yummied down some Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie doe, chocolate and vanilla zingers and crispy M & Ms. Te land of the free, the home of the brave, dontcha know. lol :)

Self-indulgence is not always egocentric... until you blog it lol lam :)

Narf :)

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